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Decipher the success of the


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Shandong introduced "Chinese medicine development" three by the inheritance "strategy implementation plan", "learning classic, with the side, pass experience" in a good atmosphere, the level of Chinese medicine personnel to be promoted, the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine training teaching model gradually - -

Decipher the success of the "three by heritage" education

Source: Chinese Medicine News Author: Chen Chi Chen meter high tide

      "This is the school of Chinese medicine is very confused, see a doctor can not find a clue." This is the 2014 Zhang Shuo University after graduation, arrived in Tai'an City, Shandong Province, Chinese medicine hospital in the clinical work of personal experience.
      In 2016, the hospital organization to learn traditional Chinese medicine activities, so that Zhang Shuo tasted the sweetness: "After reviewing the classic Chinese medicine, the TCM syndrome theory system has a clearer understanding of clinical diagnosis and treatment gradually with the idea, according to the patient's condition, try to use After the side, the effect is significant. "This is the introduction of Shandong Province," the development of Chinese medicine, "three by heritage" strategy implementation plan "since a microcosm. "Three by heritage" education in the province of Chinese medicine industry to create a "classic classics, with the side, passing experience" atmosphere, not only to enhance the level of Chinese medicine talent team, but also formed a characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine training and teaching mode.
      Learn the classic: the solution of young doctors confused treatment
      "For newly graduated students, due to the lack of professional system of traditional Chinese medicine theory guidance, clinical treatment is very confused, really can not start." Tai'an City Hospital of Chinese medicine practitioner Pan Lili said, there are many clinical anxiety, depression, insomnia patients To the hospital, mostly want to seek traditional Chinese medicine green treatment, but she gave the patient out of traditional Chinese medicine prescription, the effect is always inconsistent with the expected, Pan Lili heart is very anxious.
      Last year, Pan Lili in the hospital organization of learning "typhoid miscellaneous disease" class found a know-how, found a lot of articles described in the disease, with clinical contact with insomnia, vertigo patients are very similar, which inspired Pan Li Li to learn traditional Chinese medicine interest. In his spare time, she recited, studied, and read the relevant literature, the theoretical study for clinical practice. Over the past year, her level of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment has been greatly improved, the patient referral rate and attendance gradually increased. Gratifying changes to Pan Lili experience to learn the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, gradually increased the confidence in the clinical practice of Chinese medicine.
      "Chinese medicine is the province of traditional Chinese medicine continuing education tenure assessment of compulsory courses, but also Chinese medicine practitioners promotion title of the necessary conditions." Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Deputy Director Cai Zhiguo said that as early as 10 years ago, four Chinese medicine Classic works as a continuing education in Shandong Province, one of the compulsory examination of secondary education, Shandong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine unified organization of the province's written examination. The province of Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese and Western medicine physicians, regardless of the level of duties should participate in written examination, the assessment of non-compliance to implement a veto system. In recent years, with the National Medical Tong continued education management system to promote and application of four major Chinese medicine to the net network test, after passing the results in order to obtain the provincial medicine continuing education term certificate of competency.
      Since the beginning of the year, Shandong Province to carry out the classic study of Chinese medicine to strengthen the project to strengthen the classic study of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, the establishment of regular assessment of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and traditional Chinese medicine grade grade examination system and methods linked to the establishment of traditional Chinese medicine "three transcriptions" continuing education special, encourage and guide the Level of various types of continuing education projects into the "three by heritage" content, widely popularization of traditional Chinese medicine classic distance education, and comprehensive hospitals, maternal and child health service institutions Chinese medicine personnel into the traditional Chinese medicine training system.
With the side: to promote traditional Chinese medicine by the heritage of innovation
"Good prescription must be used for clinical, in order to treat more patients." Xintai City Hospital, former vice president Li Changyuan said that his grandfather Ding Zhongshan, uncle Ding Guohua are Shandong province Chinese medicine practitioners, had a lot of clinical efficacy Good prescription.
      In 2008, Li Changyuan retired, the re-employed to the hospital State Medical Church Zuozhen. He used his spare time, Ding Zhongshan, Ding Guohua treatment of tumors more than a dozen prescriptions, for clinical patients, but also the development of Anshen Ningxin capsule, corpse with flat stomach pills and other hospital preparations, the effect is significant.
      "Clinical, the main application of the" Golden Chamber "and other traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, while the practice of traditional Chinese medicine will be unreservedly inherited." Also in the hospital medical office Zuozhen 76-year-old Chinese medicine Chen Ying are not only adhere to a week 5 outpatient, do their best to teach young doctors how to use the side to see the disease.
      "For the better learn by the side, with the side, the hospital organization of young Chinese medicine practitioners set up a" classic Chinese group ", every Tuesday after get off work together to explore the" Treatise on Miscellaneous Diseases, "" Golden Chamber "and other traditional Chinese medicine works, from the famous The concept of interpretation, to the use of their own clinical use of the exchange of each other, creating a lively and dynamic, positive and progressive atmosphere of Chinese medicine. "Qufu City Hospital of liver and gallbladder stomach director Yu Yang said that the side has a simple taste, compatibility rigorous, efficacy Outstanding and other characteristics, through the study of the use of the prescription, can improve the clinical efficacy, if you encounter "one medicine, two agents" case, but also in a short time to enhance the level of clinical evidence, and the application of the economy is more economical and convenient Grassroots to promote.
      Shandong Province, the implementation of traditional Chinese medicine by the application of the new project to the Chinese side by side to protect, inheritance, promotion, innovation, pay attention to the collection and finishing, to promote Chinese medicine by side technology and skills into the Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage representative project list, Traditional medicine, identification, processing technology and the old drug industry experience in the application of inheritance, but also to promote the use of traditional Chinese medicine research and development, to carry out traditional Chinese medicine varieties of clinical evidence-based research, vigorously develop Chinese medicine non-drug therapy.
Experience: strong Chinese medicine talent team
      "To take 'please come in, go out, heavy teacher, strong grassroots' and other ways to strengthen the training of Chinese medicine personnel, to build the combination of Chinese and middle school talent echelon." Linyi City, Chinese medicine director of the full-time deputy director Liu Xiaoling said to Yinan County Chinese medicine work for the typical promotion to the district and county, to point the surface of the city's traditional Chinese medicine development.
      At present, the county established a well-known Chinese medicine expert library of Yinan nationality, through academic exchanges, seminars, consultation and other forms, the absorption of advanced academic philosophy, the introduction of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment technology. At the same time, Yinan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to join the Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Group, for the training of personnel, specialist development platform, has selected 10 professional 32 Chinese medicine personnel to the provincial hospital, the hospital opened a new Chinese medicine package, Chinese medicine sticky paste and so on more than ten Chinese medicine special therapy to get a rapid promotion.
In recent years, Yinan County to encourage the old Chinese medicine practitioners pass to teach, to recruit disciples with the teacher paternity, comprehensive inheritance of academic thinking and experience. County 7 old Chinese medicine practitioners, three provincial grassroots Chinese medicine practitioners and 20 folk old Chinese medicine heritage to teach, training 60 academic heirs. In addition, the county also for the medical high, good reputation of the old Chinese traditional Chinese medicine to provide development platform, hire them to the township hospitals Zuozhen, and some approved the opening of the Chinese medicine clinic, Chinese medicine specialist hospitals, including climbing orthopedics, psychological rehabilitation, And other 19 characteristics of the project, into the national traditional Chinese medicine knowledge protection project directory, climbing orthopedic orthopedic technology is also listed as Linyi City intangible cultural heritage.
      "2015, Zaozhuang City Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine listed the fourth clinical medical school, adhere to the school mode of cooperation, the hospital's Chinese medicine services, comprehensive treatment, teaching and scientific research has been rapid development." Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Zaozhuang Hospital dean Wang Chengxiang said that the hospital is relatively weak for the status quo, the hospital invited the Beijing doctors to the hospital with only to encourage the classic, with the side, through experience, the formation of hospital characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine standardized training mode. At the same time, the implementation of the "three transcriptions" strategy, and into the business development plan, accelerate the acute and critical diseases, complex diseases, traditional Chinese medicine advantage of three platform construction, and achieved good results
Hospital has 18 state-level Chinese medicine experts in the hospital to receive 28 people, while the establishment of the Shi Xue-min academician workstation. After nearly two years of teachers to teach, doctors adhere to the classic, by the side of the application, to enhance the hospital's medical treatment services. Hospital outpatient volume last year increased by 69.52%, of which foreign patients increased by 120%, the number of discharged also increased by 42.72%.

      Now, Shandong Province through the implementation of three inheritance to enhance the project, to strengthen the old Chinese medicine academic achievement summary, research and application. We will also explore the development and construction of Chinese medicine academic schools and the establishment of the old Chinese medicine evaluation mechanism, incentive mechanism and security mechanism, the construction of national and provincial name Chinese medicine experts to pass 100 studio, training 2000 county (district) level Medical technology backbone, training, "can be in the West," the village doctor 10,000, the folk Chinese medicine digging finishing, sum up the promotion, promotion and utilization.