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To the United States to the United States


To the United States to the United States

- Po Chai Ching Yi Yu's bird's nest porridge

Source: Chinese Medicine News Author: Wu Xiaoxiang

      Lin Daiyu is a demure, such as Jiaohua according to the water, the action is like weak Liu Fufeng delicate women, "usually ten meals only eat five times," is a drug out of beauty. In addition to ginseng cinnamon and other common in her prescription, there are blindly eat her daily favorite Chinese medicine, it is "jade see dark veil", and beauty complement each other. This is the bird's nest.

      Autumn one, Daiyu and cough sick, Baochai came to visit. Qiuyin heavy, purdah cross Jinlan language, Ying sound cracking cracking Speaking of this disease, naturally talk about Yan medicine medication. Bao Chai said, "Yesterday, I look at you that prescription, ginseng cinnamon feel too much.Although the Qi and fill God, it should not be too hot, according to me, first to Pinggan Jianwei, anger, Grams of soil, gas and no disease, the diet can keep people. Get up early to get a bird's nest one or two, rock sugar five money, with the silver child boil porridge, if used to eat, stronger than the drug, the most Ziyin qi.

      Is the night, autumn and rolling, Baochao that sent her mother to send a large bag of rain to the bird's nest, and a pack of powder powder powder plum snow sugar. And tell Daiyu, if finished, and then sent. Daiyu natural gratitude. After the treasure Jade that will be revealed with Jia Mu, since then, the government will send a day to one of the two bird's nest.

      "The bird nest is known as the" Oriental treasures "of the reputation, sexual Gan, flat, Yin, irritability, Qi, fill in the middle of the money, Beauty. "Materia Medica truth" records, its "into the lungs angry, into the kidney water, into the stomach fill, to serve its complement without boring, run and not stagnation, is the drug to the United States to the taste of those who are also". Coupled with its not easy to get, so valuable.

Bird's nest nature is more dull, neither heat, nor consumption of yin. Bufei Yangyin, tonic Yangwei, moisturizing the skin, Ziyin Runzao, Qi antiperspirant. For lung deficiency cough, including the lung yin of asthma, shortness of breath, cough, sputum bloody, hemoptysis, hemoptysis, bronchitis and other lung diseases; sweating, low fever; stomach Yin caused by nausea, dry Vomit and so have a good effect. Where the disease after the weak, TB injury, the gas loss of the disease, with the bird's nest for food, can Ziyin tone.

      Bao Chai recommended Daiyu eat, it is symptomatic, her knowledge is also evident. Qing Dynasty physician Zhang Lu that the bird's nest "can make Jinshui Xiangsheng, kidney qi in the lungs, and stomach gas to be safe, the food of the most dare good." Therefore, eat bird's nest, both to help Daiyu make up the spleen and stomach, Water valley corrupt capacity, improve the body resistance, but also to suppress the yin deficiency and cough of the disease. Rainy night to send the bird's nest move, but also touched the love of Daiyu Qingqing high heart.

      Bird's nest system of law, can be steamed to cook, to the bird's nest porridge is common, raising lung phlegm only cough, fill and not lag. "Life-saving side of the sea" contains: "governance shit, white bird's nest two money, ginseng four points, the water is very, alltan cooked, slowly eat, stand effect." "Test side" contains: "cure malaria and long Malaria, children with virtual malaria, fetal heat, bird 's nest two money, rock sugar half, Dayton food several times.

      Bird's nest can also be into the dishes, the Qing Yuan Mei in the "with the garden of a single" in such evaluation: "This thing to clear, not greasy miscellaneous; this matter to the text, not the string of things," should be soft To clear the clear ", in order to maximize its delicious.

      Autumn is dry, it is nourishing time. However, although the bird's nest is a treasure, Spleen and stomach during the cold should be Shensi, to prevent spleen sputum sputum, or lead to cold escape. The current bird's nest market chaos, should distinguish between true and false.

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