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Jia Baoyu rehabilitation by longan


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Jia Baoyu rehabilitation by longan

Source: Chinese Medicine News Author: Duan from

      "Dream of Red Mansions" 116th "get psychic fantasy enlightenment edge, send coffin hometown full filial piety", wrote after the rush, Ning Rong two government has been defeated, Jia mother, Xifeng, Yuan Chun, Dai Yu have died, Jia amnesty , Jia Zhen "leather to the world, sent to the sea for the effectiveness of atonement." One day, the lost Tongling gem from the monk sent to Jia, gem of the disease gradually getting better. To be waiting for the gem to sit up, the moon up gently picked up, because my heart like to forget the love, said: "really baby! Only see for a while, just fine, the loss did not smash!" Words, look a change, the jade a put down, the body back a Yang, complex and died, anxious Mrs. Wang and so on crying more than

      Po Yu soul awakened, back to the virtual illusion, see some dead people: Daiyu, Yuan Chun, You Third Sister, mandarin ducks, Qingwen, Xifeng, Qin Keqing, Spring and others. We are crying around when the gem, the gem wake up, and from the virtual illusion back to earth. At this time I saw Wang lady called the longan soup, Baoyu drink a few mouthfuls, and gradually set the gods. And later served on the longan soup, day like a day, gradually restored. Gui Yuan Tang is longan brewed soup, not only nourishing the spleen, and rather peace of mind, is a tonic to share.

      Longan originated in China, has more than 2,000 years of cultivation history. Han Dynasty "Wu Xun miscellaneous wear" records: "longan from the Wei Tuo (that is, South Vietnamese king Zhao Tuo) offer Han Gao Di has a famous". Ban Gu's "Han" is also recorded in the court to give the messenger presented longan, lychee's historical facts. In the Jin Dynasty, the records of the longan are even more detailed.

      Longan main production in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Taiwan provinces, Fujian's production for the most, accounting for almost half of the country. Longan has more than 30 varieties, to Fujian clouds, Putian and other counties of the "tiger eye" for the best goods; Guangzhou near the "Shek Kip longan" is also very famous.

      Will be ripe fruit picking dried or dried, peel off the peel, remove the counterfeit skin can be medicine. Or the fruit into the water for 10 minutes, remove and let the water, so that the water evaporates, and then bake a day and night, and then stripped of artificial seed coat, dried, also into herbs.

      The raw medicine is an irregular piece that is split from the top longitudinal, about 1.5 cm long, about 1.5 to 3.5 cm wide, and about 1 mm thick. The surface is yellowish, translucent. Close to the skin side of the shrinkage uneven, rough; close to the side of the kind of smooth and longitudinal wrinkles. Texture of flexible and slightly sticky, often sticky into a block. Gorgeous, with a special thick sweet. To large, flesh, soft and soft, color brown, translucent, taste sweet is better.

      Chinese medicine believes that longan warm, sweet, non-toxic, into the heart of the spleen by two, can benefit heart and spleen, make up the heart, rather peace of mind. Commonly used to treat virtual fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, palpitation, Zhengzhi embolism. "Shen Nong Materia Medica" wrote: "Guiyang Qiqi, make up the spleen and stomach. Treated women postpartum edema, Qi edema, spleen deficiency Diarrhea. "" Germany with Materia Medica "also records:" beneficial spleen and stomach, treasure heart and blood, run five internal organs, governance Zhengchao ". Jia Baoyu had soul awakened, palpitations, with longan soup is appropriate. So, after drinking, and gradually set the gods.

      Li Shizhen has a high rating on the longan, he wrote in the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "food to lychee as expensive, and benefits are longan good, cover litchi hot, and longan peace." "Drugs "Write more longan and other drugs compatibility application:" longan, tonic yin blood, where the upper part of the blood loss, into the spleen soup with the meat, Gorgon to fill the spleen, so that the spleen and blood by the class.For example, The heart of blood less, in order to help students, Ophiopogon nourishing effort. And bones and overwork, liver emptiness, in order to keep cooked, angelica, nourishing liver blood.

      In clinical medication, in addition to longan soup with longan blindly, the rest are all complex prescription. The most widely used is the spleen soup. The side from the "Jisheng Fang", in addition to longan, the composition of drugs are Atractylodes, Poria, Astragalus, Suanzaoren, ginseng, woody, licorice, angelica, Polygalaceae and so on. And then ginger, jujube for the lead, the main effect of the spleen and Yang Xin, Qi and blood.