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Good Chinese medicine story in the world language




Good Chinese medicine story in the world language


Source: People's Daily (Beijing)



The company is a small city luxi plains.It is historic, because seven steps into the poem, cognitive Cao Zhiceng was created for king, died and was buried in the company is said to have small fish hill;It is known today, is the hometown of donkey-hide gelatin with the identity of the inseparable.

Out of the company, from here out of China, going abroad, in the \"internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine\" on the road more walk more good.

The company is connected with the world

The company President Mr. Qin thinks, the company is working with the world together, this is the result of the global business thinking, the special \"internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine\" path.22nd of December, in 2017 the company strategic customer in the meeting, management guru ram charan, do a training.Training before him and said, \"we should not only do the best, but also achieve the world first-class.\"

Ram charan is qin, \"mind\".From 2006, served as general manager of the company (President), qin, has been leading the company for 10 years.In 10 years he tried to broaden their horizons, let own thought from shandong east of the town going out, come out of shandong, go abroad, with a global perspective the development of the company, review of donkey-hide gelatin industry development, examines the internationalization of Chinese medicine.

In addition, as the company President, Mr. Qin or state-level non-material cultural heritage representative company making skill inheritance.On December 21, \"winter solstice gelatin tonic festival\" opening in the center of the visitors to the company.Nourishing festival every year in the winter solstice this day, this is the tenth.

In his address \"winter solstice gelatin tonic festival\", he said: \"the winter solstice is the key to transformation of Yin and Yang, a year is one of the most important solar term in our country...Represented by the winter solstice twenty-four solar terms is not only the Chinese knowledge system characteristic of the time, but also the important carrier of cultural identity of the Chinese nation.\"

\"For the Chinese, the winter solstice is a good day, also is a big day, is second only to the festival of the New Year's eve.According to the zhou dynasty calendar, winter solstice means the beginning of the New Year.During is the child, the winter solstice is the child, child confined, is a moment of cathode turn Yang, is astronomy in the sense of the New Year.\"

Qin said in his speech, we implement the whole industrial chain, the whole process of source project, set up 20 donkey breeding demonstration base,Implementation of scientific, quantitative, dictionaries engineering;Regression based on the cultural experience marketing and value engineering, the glue formula, restore \"nine tributary glue\" refining skills, build a new pattern of nourishing health experience tourism.We hope to whole industry chain layout, realize the value of gelatin regression, with cultural consciousness, cultural self-confidence, improve nourishing the widespread cognition of preserve one's health, make traditional Chinese medicine to inheritance and carry forward the veins of civilization.

Keep a \"closed loop of the donkey,\"

The 10th day after the winter solstice gelatin tonic festival company donkey market opening, China's donkey exchange online.

For decades, qin, has been committed to keep a \"donkey\" closed loop, with the whole industry chain model for the donkey industry, farmers and the company in the future.\"In gelatin industry development at the same time, strive to strengthen donkey upstream industry, with innovative ideas and technology breakthrough leading industry development.After years of development, with the donkey as medicinal materials, we raised the concept as a guide, with the development of donkey living cycle technology support, comprehensive value enhancement 5-6 times, donkey donkey conception rate reached 81%, across the country set up 20 donkey medicine aquaculture demonstration base.\"

Through the resource, the company completed the construction of industry chain.\"It can be said that on the donkey and donkey trading investment, is a total win situation, farmers out of poverty, income of local government, and exchange actively traded, upstream and downstream opportunities and employment opportunities created a new industry, the company broke the raw material the bottleneck...This is the real win all, social benefit and economic benefit obtained.\"Qin said.

According to introducing, the company in shandong province is the first donkey donkey trading market trading market, currently can accommodate more than 120 stalls, for 1200 donkeys trading at the same time.The future will be based in shandong, radiation jing ji yu region, to build China's largest commodity collecting and distributing centre of the donkey.

China is the first domestic online donkey donkey exchange trading platform, is expected to 300 head, daily trading volume in the hair donkey trading in 100000.The exchange will integrate the whole industry chain resources, real-time control of breeding and transaction data, realize the online trading process and traceable, build authoritative data information platform.

Use \"quantitative\" open international markets

Hair donkey is the source of donkey skin, the skin is the main raw materials of donkey-hide gelatin, gelatin is the lifeblood of a company.For more than a decade, Mr. Qin has been hope that the company can dialogue with the world and fusion, to be able to use the language of the modern medicine, the logic of the world, tells the story of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Once qin, to join the CCTV's \"dialogue\" program, puts forward his own Suggestions on Chinese medicine internationalization.He said that quantitative was a world language, medicine science is the world of medicine logic.Chinese medicine if you want to go out, to thrive and produce world-class influence, must tell the world in the world language logic.

Qin, argues that the Chinese medicine combines science with humanities, quantifiable.The company not only can be quantified, but can be digitized.\"Quantitative is one of our ongoing research field now, and is the inevitable way of modernization of Chinese medicine.\"

He said that the company was established in 2002, first in the world donkey skin DNA identification standard, won the Chinese invention patent, and included in the \"standard of Chinese medicinal materials in shandong province\".Since then the donkey and donkey skin DNA research become the focus of the company work.

In 2008, the company take the lead to achieve the internationally successful from gelatin extracted DNA and DNA identification, obtain four Chinese invention patent, and in 2009 took the lead in the international academic journal published research results.Use DNA technology to identify the research achievements of donkey-hide gelatin also won the first prize in 2011 in shandong province scientific and technological progress.

In 2010, the company cooperate with east China university of science and technology, in the world for the first time measured the donkey type I collagen protein sequences.

In 2012, the company and China's food and drug verification research institute cooperation, invented the gelatin quality standard \"signature peptide test\", in 2015 by the national pharmacopoeia.

In 2014, the company and cooperate with genomics, shandong academy of agricultural sciences' launched the donkey genome sequencing, comparative genome sequencing of all the world's ass.

In recent years, in order to quantify the effect of donkey-hide gelatin, the company also commissioned a lot of medical institutions of donkey-hide gelatin gum and compound glue mucilage animal experiments and clinical trials, including \"the donkey-hide gelatin of air fine particulate matter in rats caused by respiratory damage protection research\", \"the company elderly rats lavage treatment of ovarian function premature aging exploratory study\" \"gelatin affecting the skin barrier to adjust skin leather, the action of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles cell function\" \"compound glue mucilage post-marketing safety to evaluate the clinical research\" \"compound glue mucilage improve athletes anti-fatigue capability study\"......

These clinical statistical data is a great help.Qin said, qi said, unfathomable, young people don't understand, some \"old Chinese\" no data and clinical validation, and he said don't understand.\"Through the scientific experiment data, clinical data, make ordinary consumers seems unfathomable qi-blood theory to get the academic support, this is a unilateral shout the slogan of ten thousand times more persuasive.\"

Quantitative and scientific for the internationalization of the company to broaden the roads, expand the space.

(the original title: speak good Chinese medicine in the world language story)






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