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The theory of Yin and Yang is the core idea of dialectical thinking (one)

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association




The theory of Yin and Yang is the core idea of dialectical thinking (one)




ZhangJi Beijing university of Chinese medicine




China's traditional Chinese medicine reported




        Yin and Yang are a pair of ancient philosophical category, was originally simple intuitive has two things are interrelated, opposite to each other between the specific things have positive and negative direction, such as the sun among celebre for Yang, back a day of overcast, things to rise for Yang movement, to reduced to Yin, the ancient thinkers contact to all the phenomenon has both the positive and negative direction, use the concept of Yin and Yang to explain nature two opposite and mutual growth of the substance of the forces, but also, this phenomenon of all things is universal.


        Yin and Yang is the root of all things happen


        The book XiCi · · on ":" Yin and Yang tao ", "and he said" XingErShangZhe, that the people ", and XingErShangZhe, namely the intangible things without body also, although not see, and feel it, but is there, "dao" referred to here is that all the way of all things, such as "the moral the chapter 12" "the tao gave birth to a life two, two, three, all born special privilege"; "Chuang tzu · great master" also said: "husband way life naturally". As the world's original movement and a thing, "content" change to just produce both ends of Yin and Yang, is the beginning of things change. Therefore said the "tao" is the gas of the original of the sport, to the western zhou dynasty dynasty, "father Yin and Yang Yang with explain earthquake activity, the mandarin · weeks on language" : "Yang v and not out, Yin and can't evaporate, and forced the earthquake"; "Lao zi chapter 42" so cloud: "Yin and Yang embrace all negative, ChongQi thought and", then sure Yin and Yang forces is contradiction inherent things themselves. This period of Lao tze to the thing of life view, he think: "way" is produced in the telling of the primal chaos qi, the original power is out of heaven and earth, heaven and earth are enraged, sun be the spirit and produce gas, and gives birth to differ in thousands ways of material, all things are contains Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang mixed moderate, will generate new and that Yin and Yang are a material base, the heaven and earth nature "way" born change two different concepts, and also that "tao" sports can be divided into two aspects, one is the development, and the second is the transformation, which is known as "the thing or loss of profit and loss of profit, and" meaning. "Are no good for complex, complex demon", "affictions are lean on happiness, that is where misfortune underlies", to think that all things are generated with or without unification, including some simple dialectical factors, Yin and Yang of the original source for that of materialism with simple dialectics factors philosophical category. Traditional Chinese medicine is also plain along the materialism in development thought of dialectics, because "Lao zi" is the pre-qin an important book of the pre-qin times, Lao tze I said to the spring and autumn thinker, Taoist founders, and the "yellow emperor" founding period not far, therefore, the yellow emperor under the influence is understandable, but the yellow emperor of Yin and Yang of the development of systemic theory, but also with medical closely, can not to Lao tze of Yin and Yang Jane said that pushing experience. Such as "the chapter the chapter seventy-seven of:" the word of the day of the bow, most of the suppression, also XiaZhe heave, have the loss of the disease, for the word of the day, so the loss is willing for shortage ", compared with classic treatment, the theory of Yin and Yang of systematic theory and has developed for combining with medicine, can not to Lao tze Yin and Yang, said that a par.


        Yin and Yang ideological basis is objectivity, material


        Yin and Yang is the material basis of "gas", most of the gas for the initial gas, for no shadow intangible objective existence of the gas, such as the "book of · XiCi" said: "promise tai chi, tai chi born born two meter, two meter born like, four like four health nosy", the gas of the original is chaotic world by the air movement and the most primitive life tai chi of things, the original thing born two sports apparatus, two meter that Yin and Yang, the so-called "dynamic and static Yang, born born Yin", as the four seasons for the evolution of the four images, the change of the two gas by Yin and Yang, have formed the seasons of the year biological life. Heaven and earth and climate change, spring, summer, autumn winter information activities and further the evolution to illustrate their host things grow with the change of the gossip, very is four gua. But to produce content for the most basic is Yin and Yang change is material foundation, such as "the meat asked · Yin and Yang clutch theory", "TianFuDeZai, everything in the Yang, if the Lord of Yin is, for, so for spring, long life for summer, for fall, hiding in the winter," all things that the growth of changes throughout the collection, is based on the gas of the Yin and Yang, namely the sun be the spirit to all things in life and information on growth, and to nourish Yin qi to give everything on material forming that Yin and Yang are matter basis.


        Yin and Yang is universal


        The theory of Yin and Yang in the popularity to each corner, form have a Yin and Yang, qi and have a Yin and Yang, the body fluid at the Yin and Yang, sports at the Yin and Yang, viscera at the Yin and Yang, the plain question should be like big · Yin and Yang of ":" the heaven and earth, all the up and down, Yin and Yang, the flesh and the men and women of the Yin and Yang, or so, the road, water and fire, the symptom of Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang, who is also the beginning of all things can also ", can in the womb for training, and "beginning with righteousness, that is, Yin and Yang are all things change in the beginning of the generation," Yin and Yang should be like big theory ", "Yin and Yang, the way of the world", the way is everything is born beginning, by a way of Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang one can express objects, Yin and Yang one can express everything, Yin and Yang can express the human body, Yin and Yang viscera can express, Yin and Yang one can express the feeling of the disease, Yin and Yang one can express the rise and fall of medicinal properties, ups and downs, and so has extensive Yin and Yang of traditional Chinese medicine guidance function.


        The application of Yin and Yang of traditional Chinese medicine


        The application is to point to will the above the connotation of traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical application of guidance and drug development and so on various aspects, embodies the Chinese medicine theory and clinical are under the guidance of the concept of Yin and Yang, it throughout Chinese medicine physiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment, health and other various aspects, therefore said the core of the Yin and Yang of traditional Chinese medicine for one of the thought. As in the form on the structure of the organization, the application of the unity of the Yin and Yang, the relativity of Yin and Yang, explain the inner link, such as dirty as the Yin, mansion for Yang, abdominal to Yin, back to shenyang, its ZhiHengXing unified whole, its relativity is to reflect interdependence, dirty for Yin, the essence and setting out of hiding to the restriction of the relative conductivity, viscera move a quiet, one inside one outside form a unified whole.


        The description of physiological function of the main application Yin and Yang relative conditionality, relative dependence, interoperability, relative of transformation, such as "positive change, Yin qi forming", shape and relative reunification, fine and gas is relatively uniform, essence is the foundation, and the function of gas, fine can turn the gas, gas can be born essence, this is the transformation of Yin and Yang.


        In pathology aspects should be the ZhiHengXing, such as "Yin Yang disease, YangSheng wins is the Yin disease, anode is hurt, Yin Yin Yang, YangSheng is overcome injury is hot, Yin-is cold", that is for disease and its partial wins Yin and Yang symptoms. The treatment is also restricted Yin and Yang, in the diagnosis of disease and syndrome is on at the Yin and Yang card, Yin and Yang pulse, from its colour and lustre, tongue coating on the body, all have the Yin and Yang, but to take YangSheng fever, "if the Yin deficiency of Yin wins, inhibit the cold, the one with the warm to fill up, remove cold if deficiency syndrome, it belongs to the method with the centralizer". Such as "plain question to a big · to theory of" all "and take the Yin of the fever, hot and cold of the take Yang", wang bing with this explanation, Yang syndrome is to use strong Lord of the water in the sunshine, Yin deficiency is the source of its fire, to blow YinYi, this is the cause of Yin and Yang deficiency syndrome therapies. In the differentiation of Yin and Yang, the further development of the Yin and Yang ZhangJingYue complementary, same of Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang interoperability point of view, the kind of disease by · "proposes:" good for those in Yin Yang, will seek for Yang Yang, is to help and biochemical limitless; Yin Yin, who will fill the good in Yang and Yin Yin and Yang, the rise to a fountain and an inexhaustible, and explains the differentiation and make full use of the Yin and Yang of the Yin and Yang, Yang and Yin dialectical thought.


        In short, the basic content of Yin and Yang, is also regularity dialectic thought, is the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine thinking methodology. The theory of Yin and Yang is the main center thought, although up in thousands of years of simple philosophy thought before, with intuitive, concreteness, but the basic idea of the above that of traditional Chinese medicine into every aspect, is a traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical medicine framework, and promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine.











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