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The Chinese medicine edition of rare characters has gone viral, and Shanghai CPPCC members are thinking about the spread of Chinese medicine culture


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The Chinese medicine edition of rare characters has gone viral, and Shanghai CPPCC members are thinking about the spread of Chinese medicine culture

Chen sisi, a reporter at


"Scrofula Chi Zong remove lump Wei sores... Rare characters, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) version adapted by doctors at shanxi provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, has become an Internet hit. But many net friends while feeling "traditional Chinese medicine culture is extensive and profound", also make fun of "a song half lyrics don't know!"

The popularity of the TCM edition of rare characters reflects the obstacles and bottlenecks in the dissemination of TCM culture.

Shanghai during the two sessions in 2019, Shanghai, deputy director of the CPPCC, the city health huai-qiong zhang said in an interview with surging news reporter, traditional Chinese medicine culture is one of the most important contents of Chinese excellent traditional culture, is the inner motive power of enterprise sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine, in fact, traditional Chinese medicine culture is not complicated, "we often hear of body heat, cold, Yin and Yang five elements, etc., are traditional cultural knowledge combined with the actual life, named after the but now there is a phenomenon is excessive will demystify traditional culture, having a lot of depth."

Huai-qiong zhang also pointed out that the current in the spread of culture of Chinese medicine, some experts in the field of clinical medicine is no good thinking about how to construct to express the culture of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, how to let ordinary people know better, society for science popularization are also very lack of traditional Chinese medicine culture, therefore, the wrong ideas about traditional Chinese medicine health care and the rumor also emerge in endlessly, lead to social medicine on a lot of misunderstanding and prejudice.

Shanghai, he said, on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine culture has its good, should take the lead in popularizing Chinese medicine culture, make traditional Chinese medicine into the classroom, to cultivate young generation for the interests of Chinese medicine, at the same time can make use of community culture promotion of traditional Chinese medicine, "in fact, traditional Chinese medicine scientific propaganda is much simpler than western medicine science, also a better understanding, such as we see the tongue color constitution, if light color, can preliminarily determine cold sex constitution, and if it is red, it can determine preliminary hot sex constitution, how to spit out phlegm is white, can preliminary judgment is cold sex constitution, if the color is yellow, Can preliminarily judge the thermal constitution, these knowledge are basically a will to learn.

Zhang huaiqiong further said that if traditional Chinese medicine culture popular science propaganda is done more, more people in the society can distinguish those who carry out illegal propaganda in the name of traditional Chinese medicine.

On how to strengthen the traditional culture of Chinese medicine in the primary and secondary school education and health care knowledge, Shanghai municipal CPPCC hai-feng hu also suggested, "western medicine and modern medical knowledge and health education is necessary, but as a Chinese, ignoring the ancestor of the Chinese traditional cultural treasures of traditional Chinese medicine education, is indeed a great pity and loss, not only can preserve one's health of traditional Chinese medicine health care, also contains a large number of Chinese traditional culture, in huangdi neijing, compendium of materia medica, treatise on febrile disease and many other medical classic, not only can prevent disease, still can care, In particular, the practice and application of the theory of "curing disease".

Hai-feng hu suggested, led by Shanghai municipal education commission and the health select committee, social forces to edit and publish the traditional culture of Chinese medicine of primary and secondary schools and the knowledge system of teaching material, forming system, specifically, targeted education materials, at the same time Suggestions shall be formulated by the municipal education commission of Shanghai culture of traditional Chinese medicine and health care knowledge education system of primary and secondary schools.

Yuan canxing, a member of the Shanghai municipal committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference, also suggested that a volunteer team of TCM cultural publicity should be established, which is mainly composed of students from traditional Chinese medicine colleges and universities and passed down from generation to generation. It can be used as a museum commentator, a community propagandist, or a TCM cultural counselor for primary and secondary school students.

According to yuan canxing, the inheritance of TCM culture should include not only TCM scholars, but also researchers of Chinese culture, with a focus on summarizing the road to success of representative figures of various schools, and understanding the importance of Chinese traditional culture education in TCM learning.