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The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine prescribes these medicines for mild flu patients


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The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine prescribes these medicines for mild flu patients

January 27, 2019 Beijing evening news

Flu has been raging for days, and while there are "anti-flu drugs" such as tamiflu, it is mainly aimed at people with severe illnesses and is often out of stock.

In view of the characteristics of influenza this year, in the initial stage of the influenza epidemic, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine has organized experts for the first time to demonstrate and revise the influenza TCM prevention and treatment plan, which has been included in the influenza diagnosis and treatment plan (revised version in 2018).

According to different types of syndrome differentiation, the program provides the recommended basic prescription, with the addition and reduction of drugs, and for mild patients recommended lianhua qingwen capsule, shufeng jiedu capsule, children kanggan granules, children's lung heat kechuan granules and more than ten kinds of commonly used Chinese patent medicine and children's medicine.

There are different ways to treat flu in China

The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine said that in recent years, the practice and scientific research of flu prevention and control have proved that traditional Chinese medicine is effective and plays a unique role in the prevention and control of influenza, which is a unique advantage of China's prevention and control work. Liu qingquan, head of Beijing hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and an expert on national medical treatment for influenza, said people should have a correct understanding of influenza and cold. Influenza is an acute disease caused by human infection with influenza virus, which is different from the cause of "cold" and "common cold". It is not the same disease, and the two should not be confused.

According to liu qingquan, due to different seasons and different climates, traditional Chinese medicine has different diagnoses of influenza, including typhoid fever, fever, fever, wet temperature, wind temperature, spring temperature and winter temperature, and different methods and drugs to prevent and treat influenza are also different, which are not only effective, but also will not cause drug resistance of the virus.

Chinese medicine is effective against influenza

In the global outbreak and spread of a/H1N1 in 2009, medical experts based on "maxingshigan decoction" and "yinqiao powder", after more than 6 months of clinical and basic research, the successful optimization of a/H1N1 flu treatment for the effective prescription "jinhua qinggan prescription". Based on jinhua qinggan prescription, "jinhua qinggan granule" has been approved by the state as a new Chinese medicine that can effectively inhibit influenza a virus and treat influenza a (H1N1) after years of clinical trials and examination by the national pharmaceutical examination center.

Taking lianhua qingwen capsule and shufeng jiedu capsule as representative for the treatment of exogenous fever, proprietary Chinese medicine for the treatment of influenza has also carried out scientific and standardized clinical studies, fully proving the effectiveness of some proprietary Chinese medicine for the treatment of influenza "cold, exogenous fever".

This is the way to treat the flu this winter

Liu qingquan expresses, this winter climate changes bigger, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, inside inside heat, outside feeling wind chill causes high fever not to retreat more, the expression is cold in the surface heat with calorific, cough, pharynx is painful, have both evil cold, muscle ache, have a headache to wait. Fever usually lasts about 5 days.

Patients in a timely manner and the correct isolation at the same time, can also use radish soup or put some scallion and other adjuvant treatment; For children with a strong constitution, scrapping at dazhui point can reduce fever, while for children with a weak constitution, it is not recommended. If you can use this kind of TCM external treatment, you need to follow the doctor's advice.

For high fever in children, if the fever period is long, do not blindly use antipyretic method, especially can not blindly pursue cover sweat, sweat, otherwise easy to damage the vital qi.