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Which vegetables can't eaten raw

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association




Which vegetables can't eaten raw



China's traditional Chinese medicine reported




        Now many people think raw vegetables is the most healthy method, but experts say not all vegetables can be eaten raw, so what can't eaten raw vegetables?


        Want to eat raw vegetables, had better choose those pollution-free green vegetables or organic vegetables, in soilless cultivation condition production of vegetables, also can rest assured raw. A wash the vegetables can be eaten raw, including carrots, bai luobo, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and thyme big BaiCaiXin, etc. These vegetables contain nutrients such as vitamin C and B clan, very vulnerable to processing and cooking destruction, for the preservation of the raw nutrients. The methods include raw drinking homemade fresh vegetable juice, or will the fresh vegetables cold, can be properly add bit of vinegar, little to put some salt.


        However, not every kind of vegetables are suitable for direct raw food, some vegetables had better be put in boiling water Chao in a Chao and then eat; Some vegetables must be cooked too well done again after eating. Such as:


        Such as the need to Chao portulaca potherbs completely remove dust and small bug, prevent allergy.


        Cruciferous vegetables cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and so on, these are rich in nutrition vegetables taste better after the Chao, including rich cellulose is also easier to digest.


        Mustard vegetables including cabbages, which contain a kind of call the content and the glycosidase material, after hydrolysising can produce volatile mustard oil, have promote digest absorb role.


        Containing oxalic acid vegetables such as spinach, bamboo shoot, such as water bamboo, oxalic acid in the intestinal will combine into the difficult and calcium absorption of calcium oxalate, interference of the absorption of calcium human body. The cold boiled water must be used before Chao once, to remove most of oxalic acid.


        In addition, lettuce, such as differences before had better eat raw peel, cleaned, use boiled water Chao once again to eat, and thus more health, also won't affect taste and nutritional content. (FengHuang)











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