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Russia wants to traditional Chinese medicine into health project


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Russia wants to traditional Chinese medicine into health project



Our reporter ZhangDongFeng



China's traditional Chinese medicine reported




        "Now there are about 23000 Russian doctors;


        "67% of people believe that including traditional Chinese medicine, traditional medicine;


        "Country and small cities use Chinese herbal medicine 40% ~ 50%;


        "There are more than 35000 people have a formal qigong training.


        "The Russian government hopes that the Chinese medicine into 'for health plans. Russia' project" Russia MoSiKeShi practice medical college professor images Europe li jia · mill promise wa professor, recently by China in the promotion of international trade commission, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine sponsored by "the sixth international development of Chinese medicine BBS" introduced in Russia on traditional Chinese medicine said current situation.


        TCM institutions are increasing


        The professor li jia introduces, Russia's population has 130 million, Russian state social research institute statistics show that 67% of people believe that including traditional Chinese medicine, traditional medicine. In Russia, TCM doctor current estimate up to 23000 people, most of whom are of acupuncturist; Many cities have a private Chinese medicine clinic; Big cities have a national Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment and research institutions.


        "In Russia, open the institute of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine research institutions and the increase." The professor li jia said. "It is early 2005, Russian academy of medical sciences, Russia nutrition medical school, Russia traditional medical school and the other medical research and education institutions set up 'eastern medicine research institute", from clinical application, academic research, medical education and other aspects to know and use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), pure Chinese medicine introduce Russia. In September 2005, the agency in Moscow and st. Petersburg Novosibirsk, traditional Chinese medicine clinic established, as a pilot base has started to put into use."


        The professor li jia is Russia image of medical and sports medicine researchers, the use of medical image technique for more than ten years, the long-term clinical use China and other countries herbal medicine to prevent and cure disease. She said, "the ancient Chinese medicine" image in Russia medical field. "And other factions in traditional Chinese medicine is different, it original theory to read like thinking person's life and the disease to the disease, born for diagnosis and treatment of clinical experience prove that image. Medical to have a complete recovery system, health can be a very good combination of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and provide guidance for treatment, enhance the curative effect."


        At present, the image medical experts in Russia have over 600, distribution of 80 cities in Russia. Many in the diagnosis and treatment of medical image diagnosis and treatment center gradually get private customers recognized, accept the customer more and more.


        Pay attention to the traditional herbal medicine research and application


        The professor li jia said, "Russia is very important to study traditional herbal medicinal herbs, with rich resources. More than 4000, some Chinese medicine in Russia are widely distributed applications, folk. In rural and small cities, Chinese herbal medicine will account for 40% ~ 50% of drug use. Russia directly in the clinical application of pure Chinese herbal medicine with the valley grass, beef shanks, fructus schisandrae, rhubarb, etc."


        According to introducing, in the former Soviet union pharmacopoeia, plant medicine accounted for 24%, and contains a modern pharmaceutical research. The new pharmacopoeia content change is not big. According to statistics, by 1991 years before the collapse of the Soviet union, the researchers has more than 3200 kinds of plants medicine chemical analysis. And in recent years did not do the latest statistics.


        With China's traditional Chinese medicine enterprise products into Russia, the official declaration of the Russian drug license had more than 10 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, such as hua tuo reengineering pill, san-jiu stomach tai, caterpillar fungus capsule, cordyceps oral liquid, and ginkgo biloba capsule etc. But more registered in Russia of traditional Chinese medicine, declare is health food license.


        Rapid development of TCM acupuncture


        According to introducing, in the former Soviet union period, Chinese medicine acupuncture had legalized, since the 1950 s, relevant state agencies have the system, since 1976, after some medical colleges and universities in establishing the acupuncture professional.


        "Acupuncture was named acupuncture therapy, it reflected though based on traditional Chinese medicine, but not quite, but the TCM acupuncture combined with western medicine reflection action, the method and principle of TCM acupuncture similar, but clinical application period and indications are different, such as cerebral hemorrhage sex stroke, after half year to use acupuncture, because western medicine thinks, will use early elevated blood pressure, lead to brain hemorrhage again."


        "In Russia hospital of acupuncture points with laser instrument and usually large electric apparatus; and many points of GuTingXing developed country Russia small electric apparatus, common in the private clinic. These instruments, a popular."


        "At present, Russia has" rehabilitation medicine "and" acupuncture treatment of the larger of the two influential core journals. Translation of traditional Chinese medicine classics release the Russian version of the yellow emperor, "hard to the" new. Also published the new acupuncture ", "the basic theory of TCM study", "time acupuncture" and so on the books." The professor li jia said.


        There is no complete system of traditional Chinese medicine training


        The professor li jia says Russia's medical rules very strict. Only in the western medicine in Russia to college graduate certificate basis, continue to education to get it through one of the traditional treatments of the professional certificate, ability is qualified legal medical practice in this field. Of acupuncture and moxibustion, it also needs to be in the neurologist study 1 year and accept over 3 months of specialized training.


        And have a special school-st. Petersburg the national institutes of health medical development institute affiliated image, make those without medical education background students, after the graduation, also can get medical license (limited to traditional medical field), allowed to medical treatment field from the image. The hospital in 2003 received the ministry of education full-time education license, can cultivate image medical regulate division, food health care teacher and massage.


        In addition, China's traditional Chinese medicine professional currently in Russia is still not complete training system of traditional Chinese medicine, can't find the same professional and degree, so Chinese medicine specialized graduation certificate is not official admitted. And the medical colleges and universities in western medicine is more easily by the ministry of education admitted that, through the practice, engaged in clinical examination can work.


        Traditional Chinese medicine health care made welcome


        "Qi gong and other Chinese traditional self care and practice self-care skills, such as the eight period of jin, yi jin jing, etc, very early cause Russia of interest. A lot of people already put these skills as their primary health care means, it is said, currently has more than 35000 people formal qigong. A new generation in training doctors, qigong as clinical treatment of the assistance means of doctors more common." The professor li jia said.


        Russian and Chinese medicine has been just close contact. The professor li jia also specifically introduces, in 1992, China sent a delegation to doctors Russian arctic MuErMan city, families, for local patients for recuperation, has been widely recognized. In 1996 the Russian President Boris yeltsin accepted the system is one of the traditional Chinese medicine, efficacy is obvious. Former Russian ambassador, traditional Chinese medicine is a firm supporter and advocates, often using Chinese medicine cure regulate.


        She also revealed, according to internal material, part of the two countries between government is planning a several aspects cooperation: to establish the standard of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine to help registered, standard, in traditional Chinese medicine clinical activities within the territory of the Russian, regulating the TCM doctor of qualifications and etc., and in Russia medical TCM cooperation and common development research project. The Russian government hopes that the Chinese medicine into "for the health of the Russian" project plan.