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PengShi eye acupuncture theoretical basis

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association




PengShi eye acupuncture theoretical basis



ShaoYan WangPengQin Liaoning university of traditional Chinese medicine hospital



China's traditional Chinese medicine to




        Eye acupuncture is liaoning university of Chinese medicine professor peng JingShan founding in 1970, a kind of micro needle therapy, and now, with auricular acupuncture needle belong to acupuncture therapy innovation, is the new micro needle therapy, acupuncture is new composition content. Now the eye acupuncture theory is introduced as follows.


        Eye acupuncture theory


        Peng old points out, the eye acupuncture originated in ancient times five wheel eight profile theory, the day after tomorrow will be in the eyes of eight area, even within the internal organs of the body, and the check form SeSi complex, consulting the patient's disease and the situation. From the view of general disease development eye to eye needle partitions, its theoretical basis is very clear, a set of independent theoretical basis and theoretical origin.


        Meridian is the meridians and collaterals composition, it is human body operation of qi and blood access. In the table and easy to see for collaterals, collaterals including fifteen collaterals, SunLao, floating winding. Peng old think, eye eye white can faintly see criss-cross collaterals, normal collaterals fine and is not obvious, if after illness, or by skin through the channels and collaterals and spread to viscera, or by viscera gaiden to skin, no matter one once or several through disease, can show on their robes, and from the eye. Meridian is through to the whole body, the twelve meridians and eyes have the contact. In the main and collateral channels for him not for the eyes cannot see, but white eye visible. White eye silk winding along with the change of human disease can appear different form color change, once deepen that is easy to see, and once appear, is not easy to disappear, leaving traces can be permanent. Can be easily seen eye silk complex we can think that belongs to the floating winding, SunLao for main and collateral channels in the surface performance, therefore, hua tuo yue "view in the eye can test how viscera diseases". According to the Ming dynasty YangJiZhou "acupuncture dacheng" "sick way luck person, will be on the first until the disease", the white of the eye wire winding of the zang-fu organs to the disease.


        Eye and viscera of the twelve meridians between the organic connection, in addition to the lung, spleen, kidney, pericardial the beyond, the rest of the eight meridians to eye as the place of distribution channels, with the relationship, so can say 12 by direct or indirect contact with eyes have. Eye relies mainly on the main and collateral channels for visceral connection of the subject, make eye constantly meridian delivery of qi, blood, body fluid, fine moisten, can maintain normal visual function. If the card to the criterion of "... there are two outside opening, in order to pass the air, with the liquid out for tears. God is god paste, water, taking, qi, true yuan, and the true essence of life, this is the concentrate AIDS orders."


        Based on the relationship between the eye and viscera, according to the eight profile should be gossip, peng old the eye acupuncture theory as the basic guide, the eyes can be divided into eight area, MeiOu represents a diagram, match again with a zang-fu organs, and according to the district within the context of the white eye changes, through a large number of clinical reasoning, with the view consciousness at the eye disease, and eye needle therapy of various diseases.


        Peng old think eye acupuncture eight area 13 hole for the new channels of different eye acupuncture needle area, is the main and collateral channels to needle acupuncture. Because in the main and collateral channels of viscera, the complex segments, communication, through up and down inside and outside, will be the human body as a whole organic connection, so eye needle area also has the function of main and collateral channels. The theory of acupuncture treatment of disease for meridian theory, the theory is clear the meridians, to reconcile blood, balancing Yin and Yang, the eye acupuncture theory for according to the white eye filament winding change, eye viscera partition, acupuncture, through the acupuncture in different areas, and to adjust to different Yin and Yang of the zang-fu organs, so as to clear the meridians.


        Eye acupuncture is divided into eight area 13 hole, so have the characteristics of the acupuncture points, acupuncture points have the reaction of the disease, accept the stimulus to the purpose of the treatment, eye pin 13 hole can also through the white of the eye wire winding change, diagnosis of diseases, acupuncture can treat disease.


        Liaoning university of traditional Chinese medicine hospital TianWeiZhu professor peng old in the second set of eyes needle partition scheme set point based on adjusting the original eight area. The relative position of the holes, so that after the adjustment eight area actual position and belonging to the gossip position completely consistent, solve the difficult problems in the clinical practice, but also improve the accuracy of eye view saying, make eye acupuncture maneuverability has been further strengthened, this is two generations of the fruit of our efforts, for the Chinese eye needle carry forward towards the world, a pioneering contribution.


        Eye acupuncture named


        Ancient acupuncture points are named have different characteristics, to take the analogy like named acupuncture points. The earliest recorded in the "classic", "element asked · Yin and Yang should be like the big theory" said: "gas hole have hair, each have place name." Sun simiao "thousand JinYiFang" said: "all the cavity, name not ACTS set, is profound. That acupuncture points are named has certain significance. Eye acupuncture eight area 13 hole named belongs to the viscera nomenclature, eight area is a dry lung colon, candy two kidney bladder, gen three of the four courage, shock, hidden happened five genera, sheng from six heart, small intestine of spleen and stomach seven, eight, the authors confirmed township named method to treatment with syndrome differentiation and the important clinical significance.


        Eye acupuncture point selection principle


        With the principle of acupuncture point is the acupoint selection, along with the card acupoint selection, zang-fu organ differentiation acupoint selection, etc., peng veteran eye acupuncture point selection is divided into three kinds, XunJing acupoint selection, see eye acupoint selection and disease a acupoint selection, different from the acupuncture point selection in the textbook. XunJing acupoint selection: namely diagnose disease belong to which once and take which once area acupuncture points, or at the same time take the suit a few area. See eye acupoint selection: according to the general concept of eye disease acupoint selection, i.e., the area which the shape of the collaterals, color is the most obvious take which acupuncture point area. Disease a acupoint selection: according to the upper, middle, or lower warmer demarcation line, a disease belong to the upper, middle and under which area namely take corresponding eye needle hole area.


        Eye acupuncture indications and body acupuncture is roughly same, the clinical syndrome to kinds of diseases, including advantages including cerebrovascular disease, digestive system diseases, all kinds of pain, circulatory system disease, spirit system disease, etc., is through the adjustment cycle, biochemical, metabolic indices such as action.


        Peng old by analyzing the related theory of traditional Chinese medicine their academic development vein, establish eye needle therapy of traditional Chinese medicine theory, make it more in line with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, inheritance, simple sex and scientific, peng old heir TianWeiZhu, WangPengQin, ZhangMingBo from clinical and experimental and other modern medical each Angle constantly improve eye acupuncture theoretical basis. Eye acupuncture develop traditional Chinese medicine scientific concept of development of new ideas, new methods, to speed up the eye acupuncture treatment microscopic change process, has the essential practical significance and enlightenment.











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