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Winter is unfavorable and sauna

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association




Winter is unfavorable and sauna



China's traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for




        In winter, the cold weather, many people like to go to the bathroom, sauna, and didn't feel well to kubla khah dripping wet. Some say it can row poison, reduce weight, so very popular among many young people, but this is very wrong, is a taboo in traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health.


        At present, it is very fashionable word is "follow the sun learn health", in a year the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, winter, with birth, grow, and hide the nature to preserve one's health. I think, this is probably the most primitive simplicity of the "shun tian chang, the fate of the dead" meaning, so put forward "chun xia Yang, qiu dong Yin" ". "Yang chun xia" is to raise the body's birth, the gas of the hair, so, should have more sports in the summer, sweating; "Qiu dong Yin" "is to raise the body's charge, the gas. Qiu dong season is equivalent to one dark to rest, the battery to charge, is out of season. We see animals such as dogs, cats, bears are in the autumn began to put on a thick fur, prevent the energy consumption, which is in the "collection". People is the same, should be given priority to collect, should not let the body in the spread of sweating. Otherwise, if the winter without the sun be the spirit good collection, sweating or excessive dissipation off in other ways, instead will essence deficiency, the next resistance is low, very easy to catch a cold, or a plague of infectious diseases.


        Winter in huangdi neijing, said: "don't hide, spring will be sick." Because of essence, blood and sweat of the human body are closely related, sweat is also a important cause of essence deficiency. Sweating like night when we sleep in the winter, is a kind of harmful to human body, should try to avoid. , of course, if you catch cold catch cold catch a cold in winter, or through traditional Chinese medicine or dietotherapy sweating to remove air, can't use cold medicines or antibiotics, the health of this and we usually cannot confuse STH with STH else.


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