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Kidney Yang deficiency syndrome and kidney empty water flood card identification

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association




Kidney Yang deficiency syndrome and kidney empty water flood card identification



ZhangMingXue Liaoning university of traditional Chinese medicine hospital



China's traditional Chinese medicine to




        Righteousness shall


        Kidney Yang deficiency syndrome in the high renal failure, sick men hurt Yang, room internal lesion caused by overexertion renal injury and other reasons, in the kidneys of sun be the spirit and appear renal sun be the spirit loss syndrome performance.


        Kidney empty water flood card by the kidney Yang deficiency of kidney Yang deficiency and failure, gasification has no right to, water wet retention, flood skin, radiation pulmonary ling heart syndrome performance.


        Disease because


        Kidney Yang deficiency syndrome natural endowment is insufficient, sun be the spirit deficiency, or years high kidney Yang gradually decline, or prolonged illness, his dirty is influence and kidney, for every part of the sun be the spirit all by kidney Yang to keep warm, the disease is not more long, her kidney, renal damage in the sun be the spirit and lead to kidney Yang deficiency, this is the so-called "prolonged illness and kidney", if the atrioventricular don't day, damage to the kidney essence which damage and Yang, Yang also cause renal insufficiency, gate of life fire failure, kidney Yang deficiency vigilant.


        Kidney empty water flood certificate by the kidney Yang deficiency, so have the cause of the kidney Yang deficiency syndrome. For kidney main water fluid, renal transpiration gasification, dominate the body fluid conveyance and discharge, and keep the body water metabolism of dynamic balance. And lung and dispersing pertains lowering and spleen operation lose cloth on the fluid gasification also depends on renal transpiration gasification, if the kidney Yang deficiency of the kidney failure, the transpiration gasification function disorder, will appear moisture don't turn, water metabolism disorder of kidney empty water flood card.


        Disease machine


        Kidney Yang deficiency syndrome kidney Yang is the fire of life gate, for personal sun be the spirit of the source, "gate of life for JingXie sea, and the sea of food for the spleen and stomach, all for the entrails of the gate of life. But for the root of SAP for fire and water curtilage, the five Yin qi, not this can't zi, the sun be the spirit of, not the can't send" (the JingYue encyclopedia "). The kidney Yang can warm body viscera, promote reproductive development, transpiration gasification water solution, if the gate of life fire is insufficient, the virtual cold endogenous, "kidney empty cold, impotence, low back pain, body weight, slow, weak foot waist can't be designed according to the speech, cloudy, sun be the spirit's unique" (the three for pole a syndrome party theory "). Within the water stop, reproductive hypofunction, as the "yellow emperor · element asked" cloud: "the kidney, stomach, close the door shut the adverse, so gather water from the class also. And overflow in the skin, so for 胕 swollen swollen, 胕 who gather water and ill also."


        Kidney Yang to the human body tissues and organs of the zang-fu organs with warm, gasification, promoting function, for the sun be the spirit of the root, if the sun be the spirit of renal insufficiency, is easy to appear empty cold syndrome like, and do all sorts of pathology outcome is Yang. Such as the sun be the spirit is insufficient, unable to lift QingYang Yang, have a headache. Sun be the spirit is insufficient, cou justified lost solid, is Yang spontaneous perspiration card. If the sun be the spirit virtual failure, not solid, blood taken the wrong line, it is a fact Yang. If Yang, Yin cold stagnate, the large intestine conduction dereliction of duty, and for constipation. If the sun be the spirit but in high viscera, gate of life without fire, the bladder gasification has no right to and the formation of urine obstructed uroschesis card. If the loss of kidney Yang deficiency, spleen Yang also weak, renal loss of seal hidden, yuan not solid, gas subsidence, the urine, and not in labor prompt for labor flow, if Yin Yang cheng, lattice Yang at outside, the visible virtual Yang outside the true winter heat syndrome, was the "yuan Yang dragon's fire loss, not to source" (zhang jingyue language) be caused by. If the yuan Yang pole, sun be the spirit decline, Yin and Yang, Yang wu to yourselves from outside and form to take off the card. In short, the kidney Yang deficiency, there may be systemic deficiency cold symptoms: headache, Yang Yang from sweat, Yang Yang bleeding, constipation, Yang Yang, difficulty in urination labor flow, Yang Yang to take off the heat, etc.


        Kidney empty water flood card is the kidney Yang deficiency failure, gasification caused by breach of duty, the pathological products together to stop the body of water wet, if water wet flood, inverse, side of the body, can lead to different parts of the edema. If the kidney Yang deficiency failure, can't warm spleen Yang is not fire raw soil, spleen Yang also virtual, or kidney empty water flood, soil can't system water, also can damage and the spleen, spleen Yang also virtual. Spleen kidney Yang deficiency, water wet not luck, gasification no, is edema. Liver and kidney for mothers dirty, if mother disease and the son, deficiency of the kidney and liver, the kidney Yang deficiency, form the edema. If Yang water flood, moisture mutual knot, stop heart together, forming a heart bloating. In short, kidney empty water flood card, often can develop into the spleen kidney Yang deficiency edema, liver and kidney Yang deficiency edema, henchmen bloating card and so on.


        Identify points


        Kidney Yang deficiency syndrome lumbar debility cold pain, his face white, the body cold limbs cold, especially in lower limbs cold very, spirit is weak, leader vertigo, tongue mass light fat, juicy moss on the tongue and pulse sink to late. And see HuaJing, impotence, leucorrhea clear dilute, women palace cold infertility, or even and diarrhoea, don't turn the valley, abdominal distention, diarrhea, or more than long and edema. Yang is a cold quickly, systemic hypothyroidism for clinical features, often can see and reproductive hypofunction and transport change dereliction of duty, the moisture in the performance of the stop.


        Kidney empty water flood issuing body dropsy, why to lower limbs, according to the cave, urinate deficient, umbilical abdominal distension, full of what the scrotal edema. Edema break out repeatedly, cough asthma sputum history, not prostrate, coughing up phlegm color white matter dilute, palpitation and shortness of breath, and with kidney Yang deficiency syndrome performance: lumbar debility cold pain, form cold limbs cold, was dark white, pale tongue fat, indentation, moss white slippery, pulse heavy slip. With edema, urinate shortage and Yang deficiency cold cheng performance for clinical features.


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