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Anti-cancer drug companies are developing homegrown drug companies to show "China speed"


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Anti-cancer drug companies are developing homegrown drug companies to show "China speed"

The 2017-05-03 10:22:35

Source: CCTV finance


Guide language: currently, cancer has become the number one cause of death in our country. With the development of science and technology, many new cancer treatments have been popping up in recent years. The good news is that in particular, in recent years the domestic scientific research enterprise we intensified the efforts on independent research and development of anticancer drugs, some have the international latest technology level of anti-cancer drugs, has entered the stage of clinical trials.

According to the latest statistics released by the national cancer center, the number of new cancer cases in China reached 4.29 million in 2015, with 2.28 million deaths. Cancer has become the number one cause of death in our country. With the development of science and technology, many new cancer treatments have been popping up in recent years. The good news is that in particular, in recent years the domestic scientific research enterprise we intensified the efforts on independent research and development of anticancer drugs, some have the international latest technology level of anti-cancer drugs, has entered the stage of clinical trials.

$200,000 a year of self-funded treatment will have a new hope for Chinese cancer patients

Military academy of medical sciences in Beijing hospital, 307 hospital, digestion and oncology office director xu is checking an anti-cancer drug PD - 1 single resistance to the first phase of clinical trial results.

Military academy of medical sciences, affiliated hospital, 307 hospital digestive tumor medical director xu: you see this lymph node is so big, the minimum diameter is 1.2 cm, longest diameter is 1.9 cm, the shortest diameter is 3.0 cm, longest diameter is 3.9 cm, this is a relatively good effect of a patient.

Xu director told CCTV financial journalist, now in his department, about one 6 of the digestive cancer patients undergoing PD - 1 single drug resistance of clinical trials, most of these current cancer patients cannot be treated by traditional means such as surgery, chemotherapy, cancer has become the terminally ill in their body, the hospital for clinical trials of the PD - 1 single drug resistance is the almost patients was sentenced to death, only hope now.

So-called PD 1, is a popular target tumor immunotherapy, and PD - 1 single drug resistance is through PD - 1 with the body, stimulate and enhance the body's own immune system, inhibit tumor growth and even kill cancer cells.

The pd-1 has been in the U.S. for 10 years, and in 2014, the FDA approved two types of pd-1. Anti-cancer drugs currently PD - 1 single resistance has been in melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, bladder cancer, and many other cancer effect, already has more than 500000 people around the world for treatment.

According to current clinical trials, pd-1 alone can control cancer progression of 50% of skin cancer patients and cure about 10% of skin cancer patients; For stubborn non-small-cell lung cancer, 24 percent of patients also had control. Clinical trials of cancer such as stomach cancer, breast cancer, blood cancer, head and neck cancer, bowel cancer and brain cancer are also being tested in clinical trials.

Although the anti-cancer drugs in their fight with cancer has made phased victory, but if you want to let more patients with the cancer drug PD - 1 sheet resistance, first met obstacle is the high price. The treatment costs about $200,000 a year in the United States. Second, this new cancer drug will have different effects in different individuals, and its side effects will also be judged by clinical studies. In China, however, at present the hospital cancer treatment mainly relying on traditional treatments such as chemotherapy, the majority of Chinese doctors almost never contact with this new drug, and the vast majority of cancer patients, but also have no way of knowing.

Xu, director of the hospital, is the domestic medical level has reached a certain height of medical institutions, it comes to cancer treatment work over the past years, his greatest feeling, is less cancer drugs, today, as the domestic PD - 1 single resistance to drugs in clinical trials, he told CCTV financial journalist, he saw the cancer a new weapon.

Xu jianming: the middle stage of liver cancer is generally likely to be about 10 months or so. So if you have this drug, you might have a significantly longer life span.

Global medical resistant drugs as a star of PD - 1 sheet resistance, begin to have made in China, this lets xu doctor, hope to see more cancer, and the exciting medical innovation, and who is doing research?

In suzhou, CCTV reporter saw YuDeChao finance, cinda bio-pharmaceutical co., LTD., jiangsu province, the founder of the department "one thousand plan" national distinguished experts. Is his leadership of the company, has developed a world-class level of PD - 1 single drug resistance, is now in the military academy of medical sciences, affiliated hospital, 307 hospital tense in clinical trials.

Cinda suzhou on pharmaceutical co., LTD., chairman of YuDeChao: chemical medicine is a bike, the monoclonal antibody is equivalent to our Boeing 777 aircraft, the Boeing 747 aircraft.

It's easy to compare, but yu has been studying for more than 20 years to produce the 747 aircraft in this bio-drug.

In 1989, YuDeChao successfully pass the molecular genetics of Chinese academy of sciences professional doctoral student, after graduation to the university of California postdoctoral station for drug chemistry research. Was the biological pharmaceutical industry booming period, this let YuDeChao first come into contact with the world biopharmaceutical the forefront of research and development work, but also let him deeply realize the difficulty of developing a single drug resistance.

Mr. Yu: if you're looking for an antibody, you're going to be sifting through one of the 10 billion, or even 10 billion, of the antibody. To make a monoclonal antibody, we tentatively estimate that there are at least 1,000 steps, which can go wrong every step of the way.

According to yu, cancer drugs for biological agents are not just difficult to develop, they are more complicated to make. Thanks to his talent, yu has a good career in the United States. For 20 years, he went from being a laboratory researcher to a vice President in charge of research and development at the company. But every time when YuDeChao call relatives, at the home of the United States and to hear of the death of some friends and relatives for some diseases, cancer drugs made in China this desire, always is the largest knot in his heart.

Yu dechao: I think a lot of the diseases that can be treated in the United States have no medicine at home.

2006, YuDeChao back to domestic started the anti-cancer drug research and development and business, in 2011, launched cinda YuDeChao biological pharmaceutical co., LTD., began to focus on the cutting edge of research and development of single resistance.

CCTV's financial economy and a half hours, the reporter understands, at present in the United States, such as lung cancer, melanoma, use drug treatment, PD - 1 cost about $200000 a year.

In our country, the import of drug is used at his own expense, PD - 1 $200000 conversion into RMB is about 1.4 million, this is a common cancer patients can't afford a treatment. It also means the world's newest anti-cancer drug is almost out of the question for Chinese cancer patients. It is the scientific researchers' biggest wish to allow cancer patients in China to enjoy the world's most advanced anti-cancer drugs at affordable prices.

Although the development of anti-cancer drugs in difficulties, even it is filled with an estimated variables "luck", in 2013, YuDeChao still decide the star product research and development of biological medicine, PD - 1 single drug resistance, the conscious decision, however, met with opposition from some investors.

YuDeChao: the biggest concern is that you guys have founded a few years time, your company is the technical ability, technology level and knowledge level may not have this ability.

Chinese must develop a world-class level of anti-cancer drugs, PD - 1 in YuDeChao and r&d team's insistence, the board of directors of the company eventually agreed to research and development of PD - 1 single resistance. The development of a new drug will cost about billions of dollars, and Mr Yoo hopes to work with the us pharmaceutical company eli to promote the development process. What didn't come to mind was that he spent more than three years and hundreds of millions of yuan in the company's strict development and production standards. To be able to keep up with international production standards, and to demonstrate China's ability to develop and produce biological drugs, yu was able to pay the exorbitant price of the tuition for his teeth.

YuDeChao: we in September 2016 passed the lilly's audit, we are proud, we may be China's first through the international big company GMP audit of production line.

In 2015, through hard technology, China's cinda biology and eli lilly, which has a history of more than 140 years of pharmaceutical production, reached a comprehensive strategic partnership. It also means that the development of anti-cancer drugs in China is officially recognized by our American counterparts.

Chinese drug companies are developing Chinese drugs to demonstrate China's speed

In April 2017, the Wall Street journal said in a report, "China has long been the world's low-cost supply active pharmaceutical ingredients and generic drugs, and is now rise as biotech drugs main producer of this kind of important new drugs. According to the relevant departments to the latest data, in terms of the number of biological treatment of clinical trials, China is now ranked the world's second, after the United States."

Indeed, is not only just saw the letter at home, at present Chinese companies have been established PDI sheet resistance to drugs for the treatment of cancer research has entered the stage of clinical trials. In the race against disease and the disease, China's speed has given us more hope.

In a lab in San Francisco, Chinese scientist Dr Wuhai and his colleagues are busy with the early development of monoclonal antibodies to anti-cancer drugs. Their candidate antibodies will be given to the parent company in Shanghai for clinical trials and industrial development for cancer treatment.

Real biological medicine science and technology co., LTD., Shanghai king's chief scientific officer Wu Hai: after the side of the work we will go to outside for real antibody screening work, but this step is very important, because once the hybridoma grow up, grow or fail, it's meaningless to work outside.

Speaking of cancer, these two words in the heart of the wuhai are permanent pain. In 1996, the mother of wu hai died of cancer, a grief that prompted him to invest in the development of cancer drugs.

In 2012, wu hai returned to the country and co-founded Shanghai junshi biology co., LTD., with a partner, to focus on the development of cancer-fighting drugs such as pd-1. The research platform was then set up in San Francisco, us.

Wu Hai: north American point is we do early studies, sending the earliest ammunition to the parent company, currently we have 11 antibodies in the research project of project, there are 10 antibody project is made of PM in San Francisco.

On the production line of suzhou wujiang district. The antibodies developed by the American laboratory are developed and produced here. At present, the research and development team of wu hai has two projects that have been set up as the national new drug initiative. The cancer drug pd-1 is undergoing a clinical trial at the Chinese academy of medical sciences' cancer hospital.

Miles d., vice President of the Chinese academy of medical sciences cancer hospital kay: imported drugs even listed on the stock market in China, it is certainly not common people can afford, if domestic drug, it certainly is much cheaper than the imported drugs, so to be able to reach our Chinese ordinary patients.

A guinea pig costs $50,000! New drug development tests China's strength

Single drug therapy because of its targeted resistance, low toxicity, good curative effect, is widely used in tumor, autoimmune diseases, viral infection, osteoporosis, cardiovascular and other fields. But there are high cost, difficulty and limited capacity in the development of monoclonal drugs, and the technology and capital of r&d companies are extremely high. There is a big gap between the r&d of single antidrug and the international advanced level.

The scale of the "biotank" is often used internationally as a measure of the industrial level of a country's biopharmaceutical industry. The U.S. total is about 1.3 million liters, while South Korea is about 57, 000 liters, compared with just 50,000 in China and less than 4 percent in the United States.

Shanghai jun real biological medicine science and technology co., LTD., vice general manager Zhang Zhuobing: manufacturing just said equipment is somebody else's, we in the technology, as a medium, as some analysis methods, the analysis of the reagent is abroad.

In order to be able to be in line with international standards in the field of drug development, the group of China's scientific research personnel, successively set up two laboratories in San Francisco and Maryland, front-end responsible for drug research and development work.

In Shanghai junshi's tumor immunology laboratory in Maryland, one of your founders, yao sheng, is developing a target for oncology drugs. Yao Cheng told CCTV finance the economy for half an hour, the vast majority of people in every moment of the day with tumor cells and immune cells in the fighting, the work here is through the observation between cells, protein function, to find the way to help immune cells against cancer cells.

Are now known to the human body cell membrane receptor proteins, about 6000 species and different tumors and the relationship between these receptors can say is protean, random search for useful targeted just search for a needle in a haystack, your real company at present are also actively collect many beat cancer patients of biological samples, looking for a new battle with cancer antibody.

Shanghai jun Yao Cheng real biological medicine science and technology co., LTD., vice general manager: now in our treatment of patients found some tumor patients of all fade, these patients we found out that he often have some own produced beneficial antibodies, these antibodies is very unique, there is no other patients, so through this platform, we can find what the antibodies.

In the animal lab of the sindaa biology in suzhou, there are mice that are bred for the use of human sources. Look from the appearance of these mice with general laboratory mice, but to be used to produce single drug resistance experiment with animals, these mice must be modified by genetic engineering means, to make them the important antibodies, gene. This is one of the most basic conditions for developing cancer drugs.

Cinda suzhou on pharmaceutical co., LTD., chairman of YuDeChao: $50000 I bought a mouse, the mouse can't breed, won't breed, he has given you dispose of them.

In 2013, when cinda organisms began developing cancer drug pd-1, they faced an awkward situation in which they could not find a mouse that could be used as a model for animals.

Mr. Yu: there was no such thing in 2013, so you took this drug, and your clone was not effective. There is no way to judge.

In order to solve the problem of this animal pharmacodynamics, two years ago YuDeChao and hired a from the United States has more than 20 years experience of experts, help cinda biological develop their own animal model. The mice they use now are two years of valuable work.

Mr. Yu: we can now proudly say that we should be in the domestic animal model, and I guess we can't say best, one of the best.

Anti-cancer drugs made in China, not only every little bit, on the basis of complete research and development of drugs for walking in the forefront of biological medicine manufacturing shop, Chinese scientists are also in one step one step closer to a world-class level.

YuDeChao: the whole such a drug in the United States, to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year of cost, the cost is no way to pay for most of Chinese people. So one of our goals