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Zhongjingtang: traditional Chinese medicine needs to speak "modern words" in order to open new flowers


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Zhongjingtang: traditional Chinese medicine needs to speak "modern words" in order to open new flowers

Time: 2017-09-27 tianjin net xu bai

      In recent years, "it is difficult to see a doctor, expensive to see the doctor" has become unbearable to the common people, and the various health care fever under the name of traditional Chinese medicine continues "high fever". Now ask a passerby on the street, it seems that all can say some health little secret: "drink red bean porridge yi to wet effect is good", "much knock the bravery, lose weight fast" "morning rises hollow glass of water, clear intestines and stomach poison to raise colour"...

      Health, like housing, is a rigid demand. TCM experts talk about health care, but they are popular. The quacks peddle "the secret recipe of health care", and many people are flocking to it. Folk remedies are also popular. In the national health boom, on the one hand, is people to desire for more medicine knowledge more, on the other hand, the Chinese medicine experts speak Chinese medicine, for his command of the basic theory of TCM, biased, handy and easy to mislead the audience, the reputation of TCM will be so affected.

      Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment, if the operation is not good, the effect is greatly reduced

      The oratory of experts said "Chinese emphasize dialectical diagnosis and treatment, in view of many symptoms is not a band-aid, becoming, but is to make a whole regulation of the body, often can achieve the result of sickly homology. In addition, the health of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine is also important for people, because of the land, because of time, even if it is popular, the most popular way of health is not necessarily suitable for themselves.

      Like insomnia, because some blood deficiency as a result, that is about to fill spleen painstaking effort, because have heart caused the fire, that is about to liver xie hot, etiology, therapy methods also cannot treat as the same. Weight loss is also involved in the related channels and channels not only the biliary meridian, but also need to stimulate the gastric meridian, the spleen meridian, the trifocal meridian and other relevant meridians and acupoints. And also a lot of different people obesity evidence type, such as: normal stomach fire remedying the obese, characterized by good appetite, and easy to digest, bitter mouth, red tongue moss huang, can take on the stomach through the meridians to clear the stomach fire; The obese person who is weak and weak, the expression is fat, the skin color is pale, the lazy speech moves, the tongue lichen white, can take the acupuncture point of the spleen meridian to be invigorating and invigorating qi. These are targeted acupoint weight loss methods. If the discernment is not clear, the choice is not in the acupuncture point, blindly just knock on the gallbladder, the effect is predictable.

      "Food and clothing" interesting words to raise students, let Chinese medicine to go into ordinary people

      The hottest universal health boom, there is no lack of young, after 90, 00 even after 80, they are the largest part of the future society, only let them a better understanding of Chinese medicine, has a strong interest in traditional Chinese medicine, to better the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine. In oratory as propaganda base of traditional Chinese medicine meridian science culture, as well as industry standard meridian regulate mechanism, set up nine years, committed to a variety of traditional culture of traditional Chinese medicine science, the initiative to undertake the social responsibility of carrying forward Chinese traditional culture, customer for the enterprises and institutions, organizations, communities, schools, such as different groups, adhering to the "self-healing" meridian health, health concept, carried out including expert lectures, thematic exhibitions, yizhen advisory, youth national studies class, group purchase experience, senior health preservation techniques training camp, free promotional literature of traditional Chinese medicine and so on a series of popular science activities.

      In 2016, the company held a large-scale mission with Shanghai university of Chinese medicine

      The experts also said that a long time, the traditional Chinese medicine to the feeling of many people is "couldn't say for sure, or another, don't understand," this is to appear in the popular science work put forward higher request, must have profound traditional Chinese medicine culture, professional knowledge of Chinese medicine system, must have the flexible forms, vivid expression of art, which requires the real masters of traditional Chinese medicine, in a comprehensible life common sense, practical examples to introduce and promote the traditional Chinese medicine. With Yin and Yang attribute, for example, to interpret the fever of food, with five lines of attributes of the interpretation of the five zang-organs likes and dislikes, with fire, water, and describe the relationship between the characteristics of fever, etc., to the 'deep' and 'shallow' discusses the principle of traditional Chinese medicine really walk into the daily life of ordinary people.

      In the case of the jingtang, jingtang has opened a training camp in zhenjiang mountain

      The health care of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine is "good and bad", it is recommended that the public choose regular traditional Chinese medicine

      Nowadays, there are many popular books on the market, the good and bad books are uneven, and the recommended health products on TV are even worse. The social masses, lacking medical knowledge, are more difficult to choose objectively. They are vulnerable to the marketing tactics of the merchants, and even the sick and the sick. The analysis of common people's health needs, mainly based on two points: one, find the professional TCM health organization, adjust the body; 2. The desire to acquire more health knowledge, because as the years get older, the matter becomes more and more important.

      For such a consideration, some influential Chinese medicine brands are a good choice. Like the oratory, as traditional Chinese medicine health industry benchmarking enterprises, since its establishment, because of its unique concept of health, through the meridians of the comfortable nursing methods, not the green medicine regulate gimmick, formed a good reputation in society, has attracted widespread media attention. CCTV, dragon TV, Shanghai TV station, newspaper wen wei Po, xinmin evening news, morning news, and many other media reports, at the same time, sina, sohu and other major portal sites have reproduced.

      Members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia and the world expo delegation

To visit the oratory, meanwhile, inside and outside of institutions and to learn from peers in an endless stream, receives the size of all kinds of visiting groups more diversified over time, has received the national administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the provincial health department, municipal health bureau, every university of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese and other countries, such as provincial health system, scientific research institutions to visit oratory and technology exchange, to be designated as the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine national work conference on preventive care visit learning unit.

      During the world swimming championships in 2011, the German men's water team was brought down to the middle school by the team doctor and solved the problem of injury through Chinese medicine. The German players have hailed the "magic" of traditional Chinese medicine, saying they want to bring traditional Chinese medicine back to Germany and let more people know about TCM.

      During the Shanghai world expo, zhongjingtang was designated as the sole designated unit of traditional Chinese medicine culture, and became a window to promote the culture of traditional Chinese medicine to the world. Germany, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries of the world expo, turkmenistan oratory in the visiting delegation to "learn", and in one thousand the United Nations development goals China health summary and honor awarded at the annual meeting of oratory "the United Nations development goals in one thousand healthy Chinese line cure not ill health management professional institutions" demonstration. Over the years, oratory in acupuncture meridian acupoints keeping in good health and health education universal, free the comfort regimen meridian times "of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health" and so on acupuncture and meridian health preservation science journals, newspapers, millions of; Experts to fiction, compiling group after group of leading industry in the development of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health, benchmarking, such as the "three knot a depression where qi depression, where got sick", "eliminate old injuries, prevention of gastric", "let mammary gland hyperplasia crush on you", "the keeping in good health and cure: the body can't cut the" hundred articles such as intellectual property.