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Xinhuanet: "the Chinese in the grass" shows Chinese medicine with a scientific eye


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Xinhuanet: "the Chinese in the grass" shows Chinese medicine with a scientific eye

2017-10-16 source: xinhuanet

      Everything in the world has its time, the same kind of medicine, at different time, time to pick, the effect is very different. This is a miracle that modern scientific instruments can't measure, and it is also an infinite wisdom of the grass. Traditional Chinese medicine is the traditional wisdom and cultural concept created by Chinese working people for thousands of years. Regardless of the compendium of materia medica "daughter party" or "typhoid miscellaneous disease theory" even more ancient huangdi neijing, traditional Chinese medicine has unique Chinese pesticide applying treatment based on syndrome and enlarge healing wisdom life.

      However, traditional Chinese medicine is facing no small challenge at present. Japan and South Korea have overtaken China in research on traditional Chinese medicine. The cold treatise, which we abandoned, is the basis of Japanese medicine.

A documentary about traditional Chinese medicine has raised concerns. The "Chinese version of China", which was exclusively produced by the media (Shanghai) co., LTD., received a lot of praise on October 8. Netizens were writing, "" materia medica China" on the tip of the tongue, this is the amazing world of Chinese culture ", "Chinese medicine is the science of China" and other evaluation as part of the mainstream public opinion, greatly boosted the traditional Chinese medicine in the nation's image.

      A solid medical background and a scientific view of the production process of traditional Chinese medicine

      Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), had hitherto been regarded as the most can represent traditional science has been passed down from ancient China, of course should not be excluded outside the mainstream media, should with the power of mass media to influence Chinese young people. This is not only the power of the classic, but also the charm of the national culture. The key is how to display traditional Chinese medicine scientifically?

      From growth to picking, from storage to processing medicine. With the help of the lens, the Chinese medicine is a legendary life of dozens of herbs. The calcining of a pot of lotus leaf charcoal, to grasp the heat and time, also to grasp the degree of heating and carbonization; Will be highly toxic crotonic processing of croton cream, it may use to remove poison to squeeze the oil way, in order to speed up oil permeability, not only to bake, day and night to replace oil absorption, the entire process for six days and five nights. The whole film shows the whole process of the birth and medicine of the grass in a highly rigorous and scientific manner.

      Pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine scientific basis and professional communication, "compendium of Chinese" refers to the compendium of materia medica "cold-induced febride authority of" Chinese pharmacopoeia "and so on a number of classic books of Chinese medicine, complementary with easy-to-read picture, rigorous introduction to the science of traditional Chinese medicine has not changed since the beginning of ideas and experience. National physician Jin Shiyuan after watching the film, points out that the "compendium of Chinese", the film was very good, it is for us to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine, there is practical significance ", and as the film general counsel.

      The daily life of the grass finds the beauty of Chinese medicine

      If the calcining of the lotus leaf char is a rigorous technology demonstration, the picking of lotus leaves is a wonderful daily life. "Picking the lotus leaves, after drying, or making a snack of Fried lotus leaf rolls, or a cup of comfortable lotus leaf tea, are all enjoyed after work." The Chinese food culture is everywhere, and "the Chinese in the grass" breaks the stereotype of "bitter medicine" and creates "the grass of the tongue", which shows the relevant side of Chinese medicine and life.

      Cinnamon can be used to make desserts like ice cream, but also a good hand for hot pot and braised red meat. The eryuan carved plum from qingmei is the famous confection of sugar, while the smoked plum is still the most important raw material for the sour plum soup. The lily cake made of lily is smooth and delicate, and deep-fried chamomile is golden and can be appetizing; The chicken soup with ganoderma, the tangy noodles of goji berries, and mutton porridge with cistanche desertlet... The taste rotation of the world, "medicine of the same origin" big.

      "Sour and bitter, salty, sad and sad. Life is often light flint, falling water. Also often sad and happy to add, laugh with tears. People close to the grass understand that the five flavors are the essence of life. The daily life of the grass is not only "the same origin of medicine", but also "the unity of heaven and man".

      After 23 years of marriage and 23 years of bird's nest, xu jianming left it to his family -- there is no elixir, but there is a time of truth and truth. Liu yan and her husband, who were married to shandong from sichuan, made a living by collecting lotus leaves and suffering from lotus leaves, but in liu yan's heart, they didn't feel bitter when they were old and young. A world, a tree a bodhi, the initial release of the release of the mature black plaster, also obtained the inner peace.

      Create the "grass" series, the traditional Chinese medicine culture brand expectations

      "Compendium of Chinese diversity in different themes," "legend" "mixed" "walking" kung fu ", "adventure" "appearance" 6 sets, respectively discusses the compendium of mystical legend, diet and, nourish, anecdotes, preparation techniques, to the art and so on six aspects. With the magic of Chinese herbal medicine as the breakthrough point, "compendium of Chinese, Chinese traditional medicine the world lead the audience into the mysterious and full of vigor and vitality, the perception has long been integrated into the Chinese life, survival and live the culture of traditional Chinese medicine.

      From last year's well-received "the grass China", to this year's "the grass China", the production team gathered in the future to successfully build the "grass" series, to take the brand idea to gain the long-term concern. It is worth noting that, as a traditional Chinese medicine documentary, "the Chinese in the grass" has seen a continuous surge in popularity among young people. According to the data, the proportion of people aged between 20 and 35 is 70%, compared with 91% on the iQIYI platform.

      The aging of the audience is an old problem for the international documentary industry, but last year's China documentary market showed a lot of "Internet red documentary" attracting young people. Documentary people have pointed out that this is the social aesthetic and the media environment begin from entertainment to more valuable content back to the place, on the other hand, due to documentary follows to enrage people on content creation, innovation in marketing idea. "Compendium of Chinese not only adopted 4 k aesthetic images, 30 minutes long form for the outer packing, such as more associated with Internet sharing bicycle brand" "worship" brand activities, make a breakthrough on younger brand cooperation.

      With the brand power of the "grass" series, "China grass" is more likely to create more derivative cross-boundary products, such as the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine publications suitable for young people and short video. In building the brand of TCM culture, the exploration and experiment of the "grass" series is clearly worth more expectation.