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To xizhimen south street, xicheng district building to the British garden route

L airport line 1

Take the airport shuttle from the airport, the dongzhimen station transfer to metro line 2 to xizhimen direction and get off at xizhimen station, from C outbound, go straight to the east 100 meters on the right side to xizhimen south street, north to walk to the t-junction namely to the British garden 1 floor downstairs.

L airport line 2

From the capital airport take airport bus to xidan, get off at no.22, take a taxi to xizhimen south street English garden 1 floor.

L bus subway near:

106 bus GuanYuan: 107 road, express way

Bus: xizhimen south road 387, 44 road, inner ring 800, 816 road, inner ring 820, 845 road

Che zhuang: subway line two

Xizhimen subway: metro line 2

Buses and attempts: 107 road, 118 road, 701 road

Buses and north zhuang: 209 road, 375 road, 392 road


Diet can change the effect


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Diet can change the effect


Xu wenying, director of pharmacy department, second affiliated hospital of xi 'an jiaotong university medical college

Some foods can alter the therapeutic effects of drugs. The oral medicine, like food, is absorbed through the small intestine to enter the blood and lymph, which can then be transported through the bloodstream to the appropriate tissues and organs. During the drug administration, the combination of reasonable food can promote the absorption of drugs, enhance their curative effect, reduce or avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions. If food collocation is improper, can reduce curative effect, produce poisonous side effect even. The food collocation and taboo of some commonly used drugs are introduced.

Food containing calcium If eating milk, dairy products, calcium milk powder, black fungus, egg yolk, soy, seaweed, river snail, celery and other foods containing calcium, with thyroid hormone, vitamin D, phenobarbital and phenytoin sodium with use, avoid with iron preparation (such as ferrous sulfate, etc.), tetracycline, erythromycin, metronidazole, cimetidine for Ding Tong use. The drug is easy to form complex or insoluble substances with calcium, delaying or reducing the absorption of drugs.

Acidic foods Such as vinegar, acidic fruit, meat, poultry, eggs, sugar and other acidic foods, totally appropriate and stomach enzyme mixture, furan, tetracycline class, methenamine, such as sharing, to enhance its efficacy; Avoid the use of sulfonamide, sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate), erythromycin, etc., so as not to affect the curative effect and enhance its side effects.

Foods rich in folic acid and vitamin B6, such as green leafy vegetables, liver, egg yolks and legumes, should be used in combination with birth control pills.

Foods rich in vitamin K Such as peas, cabbage, leeks, spinach, and animal internal organs, unfavorable and vitamin K as the main component of anticoagulant share, because they work just the opposite.

Foods rich in potassium Such as dried fruit, banana, grape, orange, apricot meat, potatoes and watermelon, winter melon, appropriate to potassium with antihypertensive drugs and diuretic, hydrochlorothiazide, furan alanine, etc.).

Foods rich in sodium salt, such as bacon, pickles and salted vegetables, are not used in the same way as potassium diuretics and antihypertensive drugs, so as to avoid the effects of drugs.

Foods rich in histidine such as cheese, pork, fish, etc. Because histidine is changed into histamine by the effect of histidine decarboxylase, histamine is formed under the action of ethamine oxidase. Isoniazid (rimifon) can inhibit ethyl amine oxidase, histamine cannot generate aldehyde and accumulate in the body, poisoning, appear have a headache, dizziness, mucosal hyperemia, skin symptoms such as hot flashes, palpitation, facial numbness. Therefore, the food containing histidine was used with isoniazid. Since histamine can interfere with the effects of allergic drugs, it is not used in the same way as antiallergic drugs (such as chloro).

Animal liver, such as pig liver, chicken liver, duck liver, can make the enzyme agent degeneration and lose the activity, so avoid the digestive enzymes such as multienzyme, pepsin, trypsin, amylase, etc.

Foods rich in cellulose Such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potato, carrot, cucumber, green pepper, tomato, lettuce, bean, seaweed, etc., should be Shared with insect repellent, can enhance intestinal peristalsis, prompting insect body with its droppings.

Foods high in protein such as cheese, skim milk powder, prawns, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, beef, chicken, etc. It should be used with hormone drugs. Hormone drugs can promote protein breakdown and inhibit protein synthesis. You should also limit your intake of carbohydrates (such as bread, starch, sugar), fat and salt to avoid side effects such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight gain.