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The day is cold, these fruit want "strike while hot"!


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The day is cold, these fruit want "strike while hot"!

Source: health 2017-11-04

      Fruit is nutritious and delicious, but in the cold weather, there is a lot of "followers". Because fruit is multisexual cool, the person of the spleen and stomach is cold, the person of weak constitution enjoys, not only difficult to digest absorption, still can cause diarrhoea.

Ripe hawthorn is eaten

The hawthorn contains a lot of organic acid, fruit acid, and so on, the raw hawthorn has certain stimulation to the stomach, steaming to be good. The steamed hawthorn is bright and sweet, and can be invigorated and invigorated.


Place the hawthorn on the core, put it in a bowl, add the sugar, and steam it for 15 minutes.


Hawthorn fruit acid gan, the sex lukewarm, go to the spleen classics, the stomach classics, the liver classics, have the accretion, the work that disperses blood.

After eating too much fatty food, fat GanHou flavour, often appear loss of appetite, often abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting, even because of hawthorn disappear fat, meat product effect is very good, the appropriate eating hawthorn suits most.

Besides the food guide lag effect, hawthorn and good to dilate blood vessels, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol effect, for fatty liver, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, the prevention and treatment of diseases such as obesity, has played a very good health care function.


Although the hawthorn is good, but should not eat more, suffer from stomach acid too much, gastric ulcer, reflux esophagitis patients should not eat, pregnant women avoid food.

Steamed orange cough

Orange is neutral and cool, but it can be used for air, phlegm, and rundown. Two components in orange peel have the effect of relieving cough and sputum, one is the statin, the other is orange peel oil. It is a common ingredient in cough medicine, and many medicines are added to western medicine. Orange peel oil can act as a cough - up.


Oranges use saline soak for 20 minutes after rinse, in the top flat cut a knife, forming a cup, in the pulp sprinkle a little salt, poke a few holes with chopsticks, then cut off the "lid" back again.

Steam the oranges in a bowl and steam for 15 minutes. After steaming, go to the orange peel and eat the flesh, and the juice of the bottom of the bowl is best to drink together.


This square is suitable for the heat cough caused by qi stagnation blood stasis or lung, the main symptom is the phlegm and yellow, more viscous, the throat red and swollen, the mouth stem, the mouth is bitter, etc.

Light brine can remove phlegm, but salt not to put too much, can also replace with honey. If you do not improve after taking it, seek medical advice.


A similar amount of orange or orange is a wet, hot fruit, and if used to steam it, it will not relieve the cough, but may cause irritation or stomach upset.

Chuanbei pear moisten lung

Autumn and winter is the period of cough, due to dry weather, prone to cough and less phlegm, dry throat and other uncomfortable symptoms. In the case of steamed pears, the capacity of the pubic runnin has been greatly increased, and snow pear can heat and moisten the lungs and make phlegm cough.


Take snow pear 1, cut down the pear cover, remove the kernel, and pour into 3 grams of shellfish and some sugar. Cover with a pear cap and steam for 10 minutes in a bowl. Turn off the heat.

When the pear is warm, drink the steamed soup and eat the pear. Once a day, you can moisten your lungs.


Chuan bei mother is bitter, gan, sex cool, return to lung classics, have phlegm cough, clear heat disintegrate function. Chuanbei mother not only has good cough and expectorant effect, but also can raise lung Yin, xuan lung, run lung and clear lung heat, it is the medicine that cure long cough phlegm.

It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing the lungs and nourishing the lungs.


Snow pear is not applicable to all cough symptoms. It is forbidden to cough cough cough.

The stewed grapefruit is phlegm

Grapefruit contains very rich protein, organic acid, vitamin and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other essential elements. Frequent cold, cough, sputum yellow, mouth ulcer can remove the fresh pomelo peel to the core, add honey, stewed and then eat.


Remove the new pomelo peel to the core, add honey, and simmer to serve. Moderate consumption can produce phlegm, decrease internal heat effect.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pomelo pulp has a cold, bitter taste, which can be used in the stomach and stomach. It has the functions of clearing up the sputum and nourishingthe stomach and nourishingthe stomach.

Each person eats 100~200 grams of grapefruit each day, it is easy to be absorbed by human body quantity. And the grapefruit flavour is slightly acidic, the one hour before the meal can stimulate appetite.

Steamed banana

Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, and a large portion of them will not be digested and absorbed, which will promote peristalsis.


Remove the bananas to the skin and place them on a plate. Add sugar to the skin, increase the strength of the nourishing and dryness, and steam the water for about 10 minutes. Take 2 times daily, can have the effect of qinghot rundry, moist bowel general.


The traditional Chinese medicine believes that the banana cold taste, has the work of the qing hot and the intestines, the banana steamed food can alleviate the cold, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach.


This recipe is applicable to the stool of dry and dry bowel, but renal insufficiency, diabetic patients should not eat.

Steamed red dates to raise blood

The taste of jujube taste is warm, the spleen, the stomach classics, has complemented beneficial qi, nourishing blood god, jianpi and stomach function. For qi and blood deficient, liver and kidney inadequately, can be the date with Chinese wolfberry, egg steamed to eat.


Take the jujube 5 to check, Chinese wolfberry is a few, after the water is soaked soft, take two eggs, add salt to the egg liquid, add the red date, Chinese wolfberry and cold boiled water, the water is steamed until the egg liquid coagulates.


Lycium glycine, the liver and kidney, can nourish the liver and kidney, the benefit of the smart eye. The egg has the heart, nourishing, nourishing and dryness. This diet is good for alleviating the symptoms of low energy, fatigue, heart palpitations, and dry eyes.

The date must be steamed and eaten, which is easier to digest, especially for the weak person of the spleen and stomach.


It's not bad to eat fruit after dinner

Many families and restaurants have served fruit before they have finished eating. Actually, I don't recommend eating fruit immediately after a meal.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, a lot of fruit slants cold, cold sex food to eat the belly, need it processed into hot, stomach to digest and absorb, so after eating fruit may damage "qi of the spleen and stomach".

And fruits rich in dietary fiber, if eat fruits immediately after eating, there may be a little promote digest function, but already eat very full, if again to eat fruit, may cause bilge gas, pantothenic acid and constipation, etc.

My advice is to eat fruit for an hour or an hour before meals. In addition, it is best not to eat before meals: oranges, hawthorn, bananas, persimmon fruits; Pineapple, papaya, kiwi, orange, hawthorn, etc.

Also, pay attention to the fact that people may choose the right amount of fruit for their choice.

Autumn fruit is exquisite

Late autumn is the perfect time to replenish. The following emergency ingredients are good choices for food supplements, and can be eaten in different ways.

"Cold dew hawthorn, hawthorn, dig pachyrhizus" frost, cold dew red hawthorn, hawthorn calcium content in the highest in the autumn fruits, each hectogram pulp contains 52 mg calcium, calcium, disease of heart head blood-vessel is suitable for people to eat.

Peach: cold dew peach of the north late ripe peach variety, mature stage in the cold dew before and after, hence the name "cold dew peach". Peach flavor gan and sexual temperature, excessive edible easy to get a fire, serious still can have a sore, especially when the person of heat of the inside of the heat, be prone to boil a boil more not to eat more.

Grapefruit: grapefruit cold, flavor acid, can reduce phlegm cough, healthy stomach to eat, reduce swelling pain, apply to stomach disease, indigestion, phlegm and asthma and so on. Grapefruit is famous for vitamin C, its organic acid, most of it is citrate, and citric acid has the effect of eliminating human fatigue, which is beneficial to cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Citrus: citrus is also the best cold health food. Citrus is commonly listed in the autumn, it contains a large amount of vitamin B1, and vitamin B1 is important to signal transduction of nervous system.

Pomegranate: pomegranate temperature, taste gan, astringent, enter lung, kidney, large intestine. Pomegranate is especially rich nutrition, fruit contains vitamin C, vitamin B, organic acid, protein and calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals, with digestion, soften blood vessels, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic effect.

Persimmon: persimmon has the efficacy of moisten lung and cough, qinghot shengjin and phlegm. Fresh persimmon raw food has good effect on cough, cough and sputum and hemoptysis. Red and soft persimmon, can cure fever and thirst, mouth dry mouth, fever dysentery.