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Traditional Chinese medicine "fire" can do in the kitchen


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Traditional Chinese medicine "fire" can do in the kitchen

January 27, 2019 sina

Many people feel that the colder the weather is, the easier it is to "get angry". "My nose got hot, the whole nasal cavity was broken", "my lips got hot, first it was herpes, then it became an ulcer"... There are sore throat, constipation, dry mouth, such as bitter mouth. Why is it easy to catch fire in winter? How to deal with it? Please welcome chief physician yi LAN of nephrology department of jiangsu hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to answer questions.

Where does a fire come from in winter?

In winter, Yang qi is secreted down to close the reservoir, and water vapor in nature is reduced. The skin, lips, nasal cavity, throat and other parts of the human body will feel dry and uncomfortable. Second, one corresponding to the heaven and earth and the human body muscle Cou close pores convergence in the winter, people to reduce their activity, wear thick clothes to reduce leakage of sun be the spirit. The Yang qi that accumulates in the body can turn hot and evil in some cases, leading to the symptoms of "overheat".

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, of indoor and outdoor air temperature alternate, make pore contractive relaxation is maladjusted, the ability that human body resists exterior evil is abate, because this disease is evil, take advantage of easily enter. Winter is the most susceptible to the evil of wind and cold, wind and cold evil and closed Yang qi phase of the knot, resulting in herpes mouth and nose, oral ulcer, throat pain and other "fire" symptoms, and often accompanied by nasal congestion, runny nose, fever and cold. At the same time, many people like to eat some warm food to resist the cold, such as mutton hot pot, barbecue, mutton temperature, hot pot base material generally to pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic and other hot food based, can cause the imbalance between Yin and Yang of the human body, the internal fire is strong, that is, on the fire, or even "fire sheng sanjiao". All sorts of central heating, air conditioning, electric heating blanket wait "warm oneself big method" the likelihood is indoor a few moisture are dried, human body skin mucous membrane lacks water, aggravate dry degree.

In addition, the end of the year the work is busy, pressure is big, anxious angry, gas yu huo, easy to give birth to irascibility, show for be perturbed and irritable, the mouth is dry the mouth is bitter, giddy, face is red the eye is red etc. Irascibility still can develop further for heart fire, occurrence heart palpitation, insomnia, much dream, debaucjed of the tongue, urine is yellow burning wait for a disease. Working and rest time is not regular, always stay up late, overworked, damage vital qi, the ability to defend against foreign evil falls, if this goes on for a long time, dark consumption of human body Yin fluid, dry mouth and throat, eyes paste dry and other symptoms of empty fire inflammation, also lead to the fire is an important reason.

Teach you four moves, give the human body down "anger"

1, winter easy "fire", in fact, including part of the state of sub-health, and some organs of the head and facial skin mucosa inflammation of sexually transmitted diseases, such as recurrent ulcer, chronic gingivitis and so on. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes "prevention before disease", winter nourishes and accumulates qi. Winter is the best time to regulate the body, resist external pathogens and prevent people from diseases. Conditional can ask doctor of traditional Chinese medicine differentiate card to open a prescription, pass clear heat to clear fire, embowish dryness to bring about fluid, or nourish Yin to subside, or clear change damp heat, or wen Yang benefits gas to wait for a law, adjust balance of Yin and Yang, make its fire drops oneself.

2, proper diet, such as chrysanthemum tea drink, usually drink more water, you can eat more celery, lotus root, water chestnuts, radishes, ginger. Drink more water at ordinary times, proper dietary therapy. "Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer", radish is cool in nature and sweet in taste. It can regulate qi and digest food, clear heat and dissolve phlegm, and moisten dry and produce saliva. It is an ideal food for decrease internal heat in winter. Lotus root, water chestnuts juice or boiled water to drink, has the effect of nourishing Yin shengjin dryness. Yam, raw the seed of Job’s tears, adzuki bean porridge, nourishing spleen Yin, the effect of dampness-dampness-heat constitution is suitable for winter decrease internal heat. Sore throat, can give honeysuckle, mint leaves, green fruit bubble water gargle frequency drink.

3, indoor temperature can't is too high, 20 to 24 ℃ or so, avoid long time stay in air conditioning, heating room, indoor best humidifier, or put a basin of water, keep the air circulation, for a long time indoors, can have some Yin fluid heat of herbal tea, such as fresh rehmannia root, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, herba lophatheri, cordate houttuynia, fresh rhizoma imperatae heat runfei of Chinese herbal medicine, decoction for tea.

4, do a good job of self-adjustment, work and rest, maintain the regular schedule, ensure adequate sleep, avoid staying up late, keep temperament comfortable, "all diseases are caused by qi".