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Red wine of traditional Chinese medicine health teach you how to nourish completely

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association






Red wine of traditional Chinese medicine


health teach you how to nourish completely




Author: swallow





Introduction: more and more high quality of life of the Chinese people in the daily life, how can you improve the grade, do scientific keeping in good health is very important. Although we all know that red wine beneficial to human body, but how many people know what kind of drink red wine can achieve real health purpose?

Red wine is the most natural health drinks, long-term drink to the health of human body has the advantage, and can regimen. Red wine with taste of temperature, gansu and color beauty, nourishing, and the characteristics of the health. Compendium of materia medica pointed out: "wine... in color, tolerance to cold." At present, people have found in wine contains some 250 nutritional compositions. Moderate drinking wine, not only to increase nutrition, and can prevent the body in yan, the health is of great advantage to the. Red wine keeping in good health, medicine, can fill in diet cures more than the doctor to enjoy a delicious, eat more than a health, is the real understanding the life of art.

Traditional Chinese medicine see red wine from the beauty regimen

Traditional Chinese medicine by the red wine can preserve one's health, not only because it contains all kinds of beneficial itself material is rich, another primary reason is that, keeping in good health to natural, wine is the most natural drinks, but not the chemical method of made health care medicine. Wine is the source of 100% of the grapes, natural inside content of substances are pure natural, LianLi alcohol is in the natural fermentation produces in the process of, but does not like other wine is made from alcohol come out. Say simply is, great grapes into small molecules, sent directly to body aches.

Traditional Chinese medicine is advocated by the natural keeping in good health, and not on the drug to treat the body, just meet the wine of traditional Chinese medicine this basic needs. It is a natural drinks, the whole brewing process all depend on grapes itself to complete, and not rely on chemical additives. Absorbed by human body, 95% of the wine will be oxidation to provide heat energy. The oxidation is mainly in the liver. Fixed a small amount of alcohol liver can, gradually cleanse the blood. The material also can effectively wine effective ablation thrombosis, make human body all the blood vessels can work normally.

Nourish completely of the wine

Yin and Yang five line is one of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine foundation. Nature has gold, wood, water, fire, earth, human body corresponding intentional, liver, spleen, lung, kidney; Because the person is part of nature, and people will follow the Yin and Yang of the five elements into law.

Wine sort is various, rich in nutrition. To intestines and nourish effect, the Lord all the spleen, lung, kidney by three. The body of normal management and regulation of the lung by transforming function. Huangdi think people eat of thing is the essence of the first in the lung, lungs and transferred to the material, the five zang-and the limbs skeleton, let a person whole body benefit. Kidney is more important. Because the kidneys to hide, is hiding essence, blood and power. Fine equivalent to the inside of the blood nutrients and the essence of the thing, the essence of blood to human body each place; The importance of the argument is the more understand, alive was vigour. Spleen, lung, kidney the three organs regulates the entire human body, control the quality of the blood and shipping.

In the five zang-organs, kidney is the root of the sun be the spirit, spleen is the source of biochemical sun be the spirit. The constitution of the people drink the wine can achieve fill gas, blood, to regulate mood, alleviate neurasthenia, anti-fatigue effect. Especially women drinking red wine, for a long time can dispel the trouble of the cold palace.

Often drink more wine benefits

Often drink red wine, many benefits, can delay the ageing, prevention cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, prevent cancer, beauty nourish your skin. One of the most attention by women, when is the latter. Brewing wine grape flesh antioxidant content in super, in which the SOD can neutralize free radicals, produced by the body to protect cells and organs from oxidation, and make skin white luster. Red wine made SOD activity is extremely high, its antioxidant function of grapes are directly than would be much higher. Rich in nutrients son grape polyphenols, its anti-aging ability is 50 times that of vitamin E, vitamin C is 25 times of low concentration, and red wine acidity and anti-wrinkle cleaning effect. Red wine has more antioxidant, can eliminate or against oxygen free radicals, so have the old preventing role, often drinkable also can prevent dementia.

Different colors of the grapes have different functions of lay particular stress on, one black grape is the highest in grapes efficacy. Grapes, grape son each have different main function, but and together can softening vessels, be beneficial to health care, the cardiovascular can maintenance kidney and liver, anti-aging, and so on. Red wine use such as resveratrol in alcohol material can only be the principle that all the nutrition in grapes can be human body absorbed directly use.

Traditional Chinese medicine health vary from person to person

No matter what the constitution, eat the fruit is the best way to compensatory nutrition. But you may find a mention, fruit, first is to eat the apple. This is because apple sex flat, neither cold nor hot wide wide, what the constitution can eat. In fact than apple grapes much higher value to the disease, and the effects of the treatment. And grape sex, no matter you are flat, Yin deficiency and Yang any physical can eat. The greatest characteristic of grapes into the spleen, lung, kidney, liver and kidney, the three nourish and not affected by continual influence, the four seasons can all supplements, so the entire human body will benefit. The wine made from grapes can be to ensure that people can drink every day. The method is simple. Wine is undoubtedly the best times of preserve one's health of drinks. It can not only clean up garbage, blood vessels away from three tenors, aging resistance, as well as adjusting mood, balance the function of the heart.

Wine still can have additional gas, blood circulation, having the tongluo, spleen, lung, kidney function, and don't have to worry about what kind of constitution not appropriate. Drinking Wine and Chinese people's diet structure and habits is very suitable, as long as not allergic to alcohol, everyone can.

Health drink:

Unless allergic to alcohol, abstainers and not conservative health way, because our body itself has certain solution wine ability, as long as it is not more than the quantity, the alcohol will not affect the body. How much is moderate wine, doctors and wine maker suggest wine consumption of men for each person every day: 300 ~ 400 ml per person a day, women: 200 ~ 300 ml is the most suitable for.

There is a formula can help you calculate the different alcohol content of pleasant to drink wine capacity:

The bottle labeled alcohol concentration (only take digital) x drink weight (with liters plan) = alcohol units (approx)

Make a bottle of 12% alcohol concentration of 750 ml of red wine, about 12 x 0.75 = nine units of alcohol. One day the man units of alcohol intake of no more than four, lady day units of alcohol intake of not more than three basic is right amount, so, in a day, drink half a bottle of wine, should be healthy.

Healthy time:

Drink is the best time in at 7 PM to 9 PM, this time the liver of ethanol dehydrogenation of the enzyme activity increases, fine wine more easily to be metabolic off, but after the, to the late night, the lower the ability of liver did, so wine is good, but should not be used to it with beautiful night, as earlier quality guarantee of small drunk in the darkness of the night began in earnest.

A healthy way:

Don't drink on an empty stomach, if not master the skill, catering wine can use some cheese to go with wine, no matter which kind of wine, and cheese collocation are together will foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, become more charming, cheese can match a small piece of soda crackers to eat, this is also a wine tasting conference with little snack. Often Drink before, can be added vitamin C, vitamin B, eat some sweets and protein food or drink some milk protect stomach mucosa and so can alleviate alcohol damage to human body.

Wine should be slowly quality guarantee can realize the wonderful wine tasting wine, so the way to coincide with wine health claims that-slow drink fine goods, part of the alcohol will send out from the respiratory system, thus reduce out directly into the amount of alcohol in the body.













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